Adware – web redirection to randomsites/banner.aspx

Computers October 13th, 2006

This problem has just come up recently while I’m browsing the net. It will pop up an IE windows with address and it will automatically redirect to Sex website or any rubbish adverstisement websites. I didn’t know how it has installed itself into my PC because I’m quite a careful person when it comes to downloading or installing any softwares. I’ve tried my ways which is within my expertise to remove this unwanted adware, but it’s still exists whenever rebooting my PC. I guess I need to look for a very good teacher to teach me this..Haha..Okay..after searching thru the SE, I have found a very good solutions to remove this adware forever from my PC. Credit to the author who created this solutions. He’s brilliant. Hope he’s not the one who created the adware ..Here’s what you should do ..1) Download a simple VB script from this website. Unzip the file into your deskstop.
2) Then run the script by double clicking the file. It should create Clean_Free6.REG and Clean_Free6.txt.
3) DoubleClick on Clean_Free6.REG and give favourable answer to any pop-up question. Then restart your PC
4) Search for C:/Windows/system32/vbsys2.dll and delete this file
Now your PC is free from this Adware. Thanks to Xploded for coming out with this program.

Epson C67 Printer – Both light flashing red alternately

Computers October 13th, 2006

I have faced this problem last month with my Epson C67 printer. From the internet search, i found that it means the waste ink counter has reached the maximum print or life – 8000 prints. But the full pads that is suppose to be changed can actually lasts a thousand more prints before it actually needed to be replaced. So, I’m scratching my head to solve on how to reset the counter. After a long-long and tiring search from the net, I found a software which can help to reset the counter. I’ve tried SSC utility and it didn’t work out for C67. Maybe this C67 is still not supported in that software eventhough it is in the list.

For those who are looking for this C67 reset software, you can download from the download sections.

I’m giving the software for free but please register yourself first before downloading. It’s not that difficult at all to register.