The Kingdom of Bahrain

Travelogues December 30th, 2006

Ok..Travel itinerary for this trip..

23 Dec 2006 DUBAI-KUL-PEN

This time quite difficult to get flight tickets. maybe it’s because of peak seasons and Doha games in Qatar. During check-in, I have to endure a very long que for an hour and because of this I have missed my dinner..planned to take dinner after check-in..Flight has been delayed because of this check in trouble. Not only this flight was delayed, my flight to bahrain also been delayed by 1 hour..all the planes are queing to take off make me smiles as I recalled my primary schools day where we have to que almost in all activities..!!!HaHa

Arrived Manama, bahrain at 9.45am 11/12/06 and checked-in at Baisan Tower Hotel. The rate was BD41 excluding tax. 3 stars hotel but they provide free internet access and breakfast..Weather at this moment is very cool as daytime is around 19 degree celcius and below 10 degree celcius at night..Last night, I have been told by the cab driver that they have had a little bit of rain..

Taxi in Bahrain is easy to get within Manama and Airport but if you go a little bit outside the city, is difficult to get taxis especially industrial area. This is due to only Bahrainis are allowed to drive taxis and most Bahrainis are wealthy, so they cant afford to leave their lamborghini at home to drive taxi.Bargain is a must before taking the taxi.Make sure you know the places you want to go and the estimated fares by asking hotel receptions..Those taxis did stick a sticker showing fare structures and other infos..but they don’t normally follows..but who cares..This is their country!!.Hail Bahrain!!

Currency Bahrain Dinar..BD1.000 is around RM11. Smaller denominations is Fils in denomination of 100.. 1000Fils = 1 Dinar.

I have to look for foods which suited me..Over here in Bahrain, I am having Mutton or chicken Briyanni daily ..There are a lot of restaurants available, only price is the main factor for me to choose which one to have my briyani..The portion of briyani is quite large for malaysian standard like myself and because of this I have the luxury to skip my lunch .81kgs!! A kilo slightly over my ideal weight!..Is anyone has extra gymnasium membership card??..I might need one now…

From the hotel From the hotel From the hotel