Dubai, UAE – Is this Dubai or Mumbai?

Travelogues January 5th, 2007

Right after Bahrain, the next stop is Dubai, United Arabs Emirates. We arrived in Dubai on Friday night and staying at Grand Palace hotel which is in Al Karamah area and opposite BurJuman..They claimed it as a 4 stars hotel..Heh!! really 4 stars??..AED600 a night.During exhibitions, the rate will go up to AED1200. Hotels are expensive here in Dubai. To us, it is better to stay at nice and prominent hotel as it will make our client easy to come and meet us at the hotel. If you stay at without star hotel, it will make our life difficult..

a unit of UAE Dirham is roughly equal to a Ringgit Malaysia (Dhs1.00 = RM1.00)..
Visa for Malaysian = Free or PERCUMA!!! In Dubai, it’s all about money,money and money..a short distance taxi ride at least you have to pay +/- Dhs30..So!! Dare to live in Dubai!!..??

Dubai has really one of the exciting architechure scene in the world. They have Burj Dubai, once completed will the tallest building in the world, Palm Jumeirah, a reclaimed island which resembled palm tree (David Beckham own a house there). But to me, if you take out those concrete structures, what do Dubai has (think!)..Hookah maybe..At this moment, they are starting to claim a lot of no.1 spot (tallest building, the biggest airport, etc..etc).

Abu Dhabi is not so hectic as Dubai and it’s hard to be stucked in a traffic jammed ..That is what I saw during my visit to Abu Dhabi, other than that, don’t come and bark at me if you stucked somewhere in Abu dhabi..To go to Abu Dhabi, I took an express bus which costs me AED15 one way..If you take taxi, Dhs200 will be taken away from your pocket..Going to abu Dhabi, it is very common to be stucked in a jammed along Sheikh Zayed Road. We were stucked there for almost 1 hour..After that it took us 45min to reach Abu Dhabi..Coming back is another tiring journey..45 min to reach the emirates tower ..Only after 2 hours stucked in the traffic jammed then only we arrived to our hotel..Normally it takes 15-20min to reach Al Karamah from that Emirate Towers..How can this people stand this kind of jammed road daily..!1??/

Taking the bus to abu Dhabi make me think that this bus facility is only to cater for expatriate ..Want to know why.?.Because you can only see faces of Pinoy, Paki or Indians and of course including us who are coming from Malaysian..Rich Emiratis dont take bus..Why take a bus when you have Cayennes in your garage..Me too won’t bother!!!

Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Creek Jewellery shop in Gold Souq Jewellery shop in Gold Souq

How to reset waste tank counter for canon printer

Computers January 1st, 2007

The waste-ink counter for the BJ F900, F890, F700, F500, S900, S820, S750 and S520 are all reset in the same manner.

Turn off the printer.

Press and hold the RESUME button, then press and hold the POWER button.

Release the RESUME button, then press and release the RESUME button two more times in succession. (youre still holding the POWER button during this). The printer mechanics will move momentarily.

You are now in Service mode.

Pressing the RESUME key will select a function; for example, pressing RESUME 4 times will select the clear waste ink counter function. The lamp will alternate color with each key press.
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