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Taxis in Cairo

Many tourists who happened to be in Cairo with definitely amazed when seeing the condition of the taxis here. Almost all the taxis here are in a terrible conditions with the exception of Yellow Cab which using newer cars. Taxis in Cairo are mostly Fiat cars manufactured in 70s. Because of the conditions of the […]

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How to get visa to Oman.

Visa to Oman The Sultanate of Oman – Rules of obtaining visa are vary from country to another. Countries are divided into 3 sections: a) Group A – Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia ,Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Monaco, Luxembourg, San Marino, Liechtenstein, […]

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What is Visa.? Do I need Visa?

Visa (document) according to Mr.Wikipedia is a document issued by a country giving an individual permission to formally request entrance to the country during a given period of time and for certain purposes and most always stamped or glued inside of a passport or sometimes issued as separate pieces of paper. There are many types […]

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