Prepare for the worst! Backup your data.

OnlyFive April 30th, 2007

Imagine when doing your work, suddenly your hard disk crash. You did not even backup the data as you think it’s only data corruptions. You just need to get a recovery software and you get back all of them. But you forget one thing, hard disk failure is not just data corruptions. Maybe it’s a logical failure where the systems cannot communicate with the disk at all and this is where you can say bye bye to your hard disk. So, the best way to approach this is to back up your work.

Many company do offer Online Backup. One of the online backup available is Idrive. At Idrive you will be able to back up your data for unlimited size at a fee. Do try the service first as iDrive do offer 2GB free storage. Why we have to risk our hard work for years to a disaster that strike in just a minute.So, backup your data NOW!

New concept for!

Self Expressions April 30th, 2007

I just cannot help but to think of a new concept for my website. After having my stomach filled up with lunch ( very nice lunch..) I have decided to change the concepts of from solely for sharing of travel experience to share on all of my experiences in dealing with my life. I feel like I need a place to voice out my opinions and write on things.

I must admit that I’m not the type of person who keeps a life’s diary. At least by having this blog, I am able to share my life experience with anybody. I will not approach this blog like a diary but more towards sharing of informations. Hopefully my experience is useful to others. The experience like traveling to the middle easts country. Many peoples are still being sceptical about arabs. So, this where I’m able to help them to understand the arabian culture and the arabian peoples. Understand how to do business with them and stuffs like that. Even tips of not being cheated by taxi drivers will definitely help.

My motto for today – “Sharing is caring”

5 themes a month!

Self Expressions April 30th, 2007

I have a target to achieve since I know how to design a wordpress theme. I want to design 5 wordpress theme a month and to be given for free. So that, people who wants to have a nice looking design but don’t know how to design a theme for their blog will benefit from my generosity. So, by end of this year, I should have 40 Wordpres themes available to be downloaded for free.

Err..Today? No available theme to be downloaded as yet. I will release my current WordPress theme soon. Ladies and gentlemen, please be patients..

Internet flight checked-in!

Travel Tips April 29th, 2007

How easy these days when most of airlines has used technology to make our life easy. Internet check-in has been introduce by airlines to simplify process of check-in and to reduce last minutes check-in by their customers. I have tried internet check-in with two airlines, Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Emirates Airways (EK).

SQ has allowed passengers to check in 48hours before you fly while EK allows 24hours before. The cut off period is 2 hours before your departure. What you need to do when doing internet check-in:

  • You need a passport and your ticket to key into the online form.
  • A computer which is connected to the internet.
  • Log on to EK website or SIA website and click for internet check-in icon.
  • Fill up your particular and select your seat. Done! If you are able to print the confirmation, do print it.
  • Get ready to go to the airport.
  • At the airport, you just need to provide your printed internet check-in confirmation or your ticket or your passport to get your boarding pass. You may check-in your luggage if you have any.

It is the same as conventional check-in but to those who has no luggage to check-in, it is convenient as you don’t need to rush to the airport because you are allowed to be there up to 60 minutes prior to departure time. Another good thing is you may have the luxury to choose your seat (for those who flying economy class like me..:( = sad ) if you log on early. For SIA 777-200, 3 rows at the back is the most comfortable to sits with more rooms for your legs. For EK, try to get bulk seats and also 3 rows seats at the back. That’s my tips for today.

Hi, I’m bismut, I’m an internet marketer..

Self Expressions April 29th, 2007

I would want to introduce myself as an internet marketer one day..No! It’s not like what other so called internet marketers who claimed they are and will definitely not using their way of doing it. Their ways? Put up a blog and mumbling about how to do an internet marketing in the blog. Posts a few articles here and there to show that you are an internet marketer now. Write a glowing stories of getting thousands of dollars and after that write ebooks on how to become an internet millionaires in 7 days and ask newbie to buy at USD47. Darn!! If the way is that easy, I am a millionares now!!.But that is not the way I want. If I want to become one, I want to be as successful as I can in doing internet marketing and as well as being respect by others within the internet industry. If not in world, in my own country at least.

My association with computers started since my primary school day where we used to have a class for computer learning. I learned how to use and write documents. I was using wordstar if I’m not mistaken during that time. The computer screen has only two colours which is green and black. The most exciting part is not the wordstar of course but the computer games parts. Being an 11 years old school boy at that time, of course when given the chance to play computer games will make you excited. The teacher will give a us a slot of 30 minutes to play computer games (Pacman) after completing our assignments. But that’s 20 years ago.

So, I would like to make a pledge today. Witness by whoever reading this posting that I will work my sock off until end of this year (2007) for income from internet to at least overtake my current income as a marketing guy by 300%. If that target cannot be meet, I might as well forget my ambition of becoming one. Better stick to my current job. At least I do have to visits my arab customers in Gulf regions and can write stories on how bad they are..Haha