You want my customers contacts??

Personal May 31st, 2007

It will be a fool of me if I give the contacts of all my customers. It’s a company secrets! Maybe when I am not in this line anymore in the future, I will consider giving out the contacts but off course at a fee.So, for those who wants the contacts, you can pray for me to get another job. Make sure the job can offer me good benefits and double of what I am getting right now. It will be a waste of time if the offer is not attractive. So far, I am quite happy with what I’m doing.

Changing a job is not an easy tasks to take. Many things has to be considered before taking up the offer. You have to consider many things including your family, your debts, your expenses and the new jobs  environments. I have not changed many jobs since my first job. In 10 years, I have been attached to only 3 companies including my current employer. The longest stay is the second job where I have worked for 6 years. Why I left the second company? It’s very hard to explain because it involved many things. The main factor is because I need to have a new challenge. I need new things to learn and gain experience. I did not have that anymore after 6 years at the company. So, it’s time for me to move on.

My Financial Planning.

Personal May 30th, 2007

When it comes to financial planning, I have to admit that I have failed miserably. I have never had a good financial planning in my life. It is all about spend, spend and spend. I am afraid if one day when I am not able to work to get income, I wil be in a most terrible condition. Many things still hanging in my life as a result of my poor financial planning. So, I cannot imagine what will happen when that day really comes. So, a long term planning needs to be established.

There are a few steps that I can take in order to manage my financial. Personal loans with lower interest rates may help to ease some of my credit cards debts. This can give me longer repayment period and will avoid hefty credit cards interest. I will not consider of using credit cards anymore. Cancellation of the credit cards facility is the option that I have. Debit cards which has all credit cards features can be used as a replacement for credit cards. Asses all the properties which I own and sell whichever unprofitable properties and keep only those which can generate profitable income.

Changing for another high paying jobs is also a good option. Eventhough I do love this job but if somebody comes with a better offer, I will definitely give a thorough considerations.So many things to consider but I have to do it in order to have brighter day ahead. One at a time please…

I am 369km away from my soulmate.

Personal May 30th, 2007

Recently my soulmate has accepted a job offer from a company located in Kuala Lumpur. The offer is quite lucrative and has given her a chance to be back to her hometown. I am happy for her and also feels sad for myself because we are going to be far apart from each other and I am going to be alone here. I did not object to this because of the nature of my current job which need me to travel overseas almost every month and leave her alone here in a small town sometimes for almost 2 weeks. I understand that she will feel bored because there’s nothing much to do in a small town. When the offer came, I knew I have had to let her go. Both of us are matured enough to understand each other feelings and will do the best for our family. I am  not worried so much for her because all of my family are staying within Kuala Lumpur.

I am learning to accept the situation but it’s going to be easy because we have been apart before. Furthermore,369km is a lot  shorter distance comparing to 3500km to Dubai and off course, cheaper rate for domestic phone calls. So, more of domestic travels for me as for now.

Would you like to apply for a credit card!

OnlyFive May 30th, 2007

My officemate has just ask whether I would like to apply for a credit card. Obviously my answer is a big NO NO. I have gone through a torrid period with credit card companies. My experience does not apply to everybody because myself don’t even has the discipline needed to own credit cards. So, all I can say to my officemate, you are wasting your time asking me. But for those who is able to control themselves, credit card is not a bad options in making your life easier.

There are many offers available when applying for credit cards. Choose the best offered APR rates as this will determine the interest that you will have to pay to the banks.As recently Mint Credit Cards has a new lower rates, it might be good to apply for one now.

Advise from 13-Years Old Kid?

Review May 29th, 2007

Anythings is possible during internet era..I am still wondering how can a 13 years old kid is making more money than an adult like me from the internet. It’s just amazing! I have been thinking about this 13 years old kid. He is either making stories or he is really making money like what he has claimed. Whatever it is, this 13 years old kid is really rocks! At the age of 13, he managed to have a few websites with high traffics and at the same time he is making money online. At least his income is enough to cover annual hosting cost. I should be ashamed of myself. Work harder! Work harder!

Err….Carl! Do you need a financial adviser?