Enjoying A Scenic View of rainforest with Genting Skyway

Travelogues June 28th, 2007

genting1.jpgI went to Genting Highland last week with my family. At first, I thought of driving all the way to the top but change my mind to park my car at Genting Skyway station at Gohtong Jaya. To go to Genting Highland, I was using Karak Highway from Gombak and I have to pay RM5.00 at Gombak plaza toll which is near to Islamic International University. The return ticket for taking the Genting Skyway is RM10.00 for adult and free for my son. It’s a breathtaking experience for me as I am afraid of height. I would rather drive than taking this cable car but for the sake of trying, I just played down the feelings. For the first 5 minutes, the feelings of Hypsiphobia came and quickly gone away once I managed to accustomed myself to the surrounding environment. Now I can proudly say that I am no longer a Hypsiphobia person when it comes to cable car. Heh! Am I? Wait till I try bungee jump.

genting3.jpg genting4.jpg genting5.jpg
Genting Skyway is the longest cable car in South East Asia at a distance of 3.4 kilometers and also the fastest suspended ride in the world. Through out the ride, we are able to enjoy a scenic view of 100 millions years of old rainforest. It is an experience not to be missed when we are going to the top of Genting Highland. I should have tried the Genting Skyway long time ago.

Malaysia Airlines SuperSavers as low as RM49*

Travel Info June 27th, 2007


Another superb promotion by Malaysia Airlines being launched. Starting from 25 June until 9 July, travelers are being offered cheap airline tickets for international destinations. This promotion is held in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th National Day and also to support Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign. Malaysians surely have reasons to celebrate the important event with joy after being able to enjoy so many travel related promotions and offers. MAS SuperSavers are offering airline tickets as cheap as RM49* exclusive tax and other charges.

Airline Tickets Offer

MYR 49*
MYR 79*
MYR 99*
MYR 149*
MYR 219*
MYR 229*
Hong Kong
MYR 329*
MYR 699*
MYR 564*

A tip to get the offered airline tickets for both ways is to buy separately in two sessions. The online system has been set to set the return airline tickets at higher price. Hopefully fellow travelers will be able to grab the offers.

Durian, The King of Fruits

Travel Info June 25th, 2007

durian.jpgdurian, widely available in Southeast Asia has been regarded the king of fruits by Asian. Many of durian’s physical character has attributed into having the king status. The yummy taste, the thorny and come from high and very strong trees. Many of the westerners unable to accept the odor of durian which is quite strong for those who has not familiar. Some who has been addicted to the taste of durian will do anything to have the best durian available like what is happening to some of the Singaporeans who are willing to fly to Penang just to have Balik Pulau’s durian.

Flying in just for durians

DURIANS anybody? Penang is known for this thorny fruit which is dubbed locally as King of Fruits.

But how much lure does the durian exactly have? Strong enough to entice some Singapo-reans to fly here from the island republic just for a durian feast, it seems.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, Ru-ral Development and Flood Mitigation Com-mittee chairman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said he was informed that a group of Singaporeans took a flight to Penang to enjoy durians in Balik Pulau.

“They flew home after having the fruit. This shows that durians grown in Penang are of world class. Penang is a fruit and food paradise,” he said after opening the northern region-level Food and Fruits Fiesta at Penang Pesta site in Sungai Nibong recently.

The three-day event featured 138 booths selling a variety of fruits and foodstuff.

Those who attended the opening ceremony were treated to a cultural performance.

A durian contest held in conjunction with the fiesta attracted 20 entries.

Orchard owner Tan Chong Bin from Paya Terubong, who was the winner in the “Best of the Best” category, took home RM1,000, a certificate and a trophy.

Yeoh Hui Chooi of Relau won the “Number One” durian category. He also got RM1,000, a certificate and a trophy.

durian2.jpg isidurian.jpg
Those who has not tried durian before, please try when you have the chance or you will regret later on. At this point of writing, price for good taste D24 Durian is hovering in between RM12-15 per kilo. I think by middle of next month, the price of durian will go down due to more supply of durian available in the market.

Want some?

Personal June 25th, 2007


This is what I am going to have tonight for my dinner. Double BlackPepper Chicken Mushroom Burger. Looks yummy !!..This is my normal meal when my wife is not around to prepare my dinner for me. Want to know how much I spend to make this burger.? I have spend a total of RM25.00 to buy all the stuffs needed. So, average cost per burger is RM2.50. Enough for a single but unavailable guy like me…

Backpack – Shall I buy now or shall I wait?

OnlyFive June 22nd, 2007

I am browsing for a backpack again which I am planning to buy for my solo trip this August. I found this Eagle Creek Centerline Voyage 65L which is bigger by 10L than the last model that I have had in mind. This backpack is available at luggageonline.com and the price is $184.95 which is higher by $10.00 comparing to the other model. If I check for the latest coupons available at KeepCash.com, I will have further 12% discount for using luggageonline.com coupons which bring the price to $162.76. Now, the price is cheaper than Eagle Creek Meridian 55L.On top of that, I will be able to enjoy FREE Shipping for purchasing this backpack which is above $125. I am having so much of saving for just being an intelligent customer.

eaglecreek.jpgEagle Creek Centerline Voyage 65L.

210 denier Mini Diamond Helix, 500 denier Tough Weave, and 915 denier HP Cordura® fabrics.
Top and side handles for easy grab-and-go. Zip/clip off daypack includes Safeguard Panel® to hide away important travel documents, passport and money where only the user can get to them. Zip-away Multi-Adjust Suspension fits torso lengths of 16–20in. and waist belt adjusts from 30–50in. Front zippered boarding pass pocket for travel documents or other quick access items. Water is close at hand with side water bottle pockets. Reflective center strip for dusk or nighttime visibility.

I make a routine to look for informations when I want to buy certain product because it will help me to save on a lot of things.I am focusing more on the usability of the products and to find if there is any discounts or offers available. If I am not being particular on things like this, I can just stop at any luggage store which near to my house to buy the backpack. Why do I need to do many research only for a backpack? The reasons being is more towards getting satisfaction in owning things that I understand and know inside out so that I can be happy with my purchase. Be it $1 item or $1000 item. I will still need to find information as many as possible about the item. I will not be very happy if I buy something and the next day I find out that I have been ripped off by paying excessively to the greedy traders. At least I know that I will get 12% discount for using luggageonline.com coupons for my backpack.