I was in Cairo in May 2007

Self Expressions August 26th, 2007


I did not write anything on Cairo since coming back from that trip in May except for a few review on hotels and the great service from asiatravel.com. The trip was not a great one because I was there alone. Nothing much can be done when you are alone and going there for business purpose. Also another factor was the Champion League Final which left me frustrated and did not enjoy my stay in Cairo. When your heart was broken, you will never be happy whenever you are.

Egyptians are a great lot of peoples. They are warm and very welcoming. I like that kind of attitude eventhough so many improvement needed to be done in term of cleanliness, driving attitude and so on..Maybe they have been exposed to tourism industry for hundred of years (thousand maybe?) which made Egyptian to be tourist friendly. That’s only my wild guess..Anyway, I am looking forward to be there again in the near future. Maybe not alone but together with my family.

My Team of The Week – Liverpool FC

The Kopites August 26th, 2007


Hey, it’s been a while I have not updated anything on Liverpool FC since my last posting after the European Champion League Final which Liverpool lost to AC Milan. It was a painful final for a supporter like me. What an experience where I had to watch the final at a pub at Nile Hilton, Cairo. Well..Lady luck was not with The Reds.

After a long and busy summer, Liverpool FC has come back with quite an impressive squad. A few additions has been made with Fernando Torres, Ryan Babel, Youssi Benayoun, Lucas Leiva, Sebastian Leto, Andriy Voronin and a few more youngsters. Fernando Torres has become the most expensive player being bought by Liverpool at £20 million. It clearly shows that Liverpool FC is serious on mounting a challenge for this season English Premier League tittle. Manchester United felt some pressure when they refused to sell Gabriel Heinze to Liverpool FC and forcing the player to choose the Galacticos instead. Sir Alex was under pressure at this moment when they had the worst start in EPL since 1992 but do I care? I only care much for The Reds which I support not for the Devilish Red. HaHa!

So far, Liverpool FC made a very good start win 2 wins and 1 draw. That 1 draw is not supposed to be a draw. Bad Chelsea!!! Very very bad Chelsea..Liverpool should have won the match but was Robbed by Styles. Anyway, it’s a season with 38 match to play. Just forget about that match and concentrate on the coming matches. Some scrappy play was shown by the players during the three league games but it will eventually improve once they are able to gel together. As usual, my weekend will be slotted with The Reds games. So, macha!!!! Teh tarik satu, roti canai satu…!!

You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

Dialaflight – Flights to Australia

OnlyFive August 18th, 2007

Recently, I received a newsletter from Singapore Airlines and one of the highlight is Singapore Airlines will be the first commercial airlines to take-off with Airbus A380 from Singapore to Sidney, Australia . Lately, I can see a trend by airlines where promotions offered has got to do with Australia. Is it because many tourists want to spend their holidays in Australia? Or, Australian Tourism Board is doing a good job promoting Australia? Anyway, I don’t need to analyze in details of what their motives is all about. As long as good promotions being offered to travelers, there will be nothing to complaint. Apart from all the promotions, great attraction places in Australia like Adelaide, Perth, Queensland and Gold Coast have too many things to offer.

I heard that Australia is a backpackers friendly where it will help a lot for independent traveler like me. But travel agency is needed for luxurious travelers who would like to go for holidays in Australia but having no clues of what to do and what to expect there. Dialaflight, a leading independent UK travel company is able to help in arranging flights to Australia, hotels and travel ideas. Many good offers like cheap flights and holiday offers are available because travel agency will sometime collaborate with Australian Tourism Board to offer good promotions for travelers. Don’t be surprise if I am one of the passenger to Sydney in Singapore Airlines’ brand new Airbus A380.

Bus of Death

Travel News August 14th, 2007


It’s a sad tragedy! One of the worst tragedy in Malaysia. 20 died, 8 others left injured. The accident occurred in the wee hours of Monday at 4.20am on the FIRST CLASS North-South Expressway. Obviously, it’s the driver or the bus condition could be the main cause of the accident.

The ill-fated bus was driven by a driver with 13 traffic summonses and two warrant of arrest against him while the 20-year-old bus, which also had 19 summonses, did not have the permit to ply the route from Malacca to Alor Setar. So, one question for Malaysian road transport authority, why a driver and a bus with such record be allowed to be on the road? The bus company has been ordered to cease operation with immediate effect after one of their bus claimed 20 lives. Unfortunately, the order came a little too late for the victims and their family..

How To Implement Kontera Ads In Your Blogs

Internet Marketing August 13th, 2007

I have signed up for Kontera a few weeks ago but I have not put up the ads at Bismut.net because Kontera Ads can be conflicting with my paid postings. I could have avoided the problem if I am using the filter code provided by Kontera but I was still not convinced to do so because I have hundreds of paid postings and it is a bit tedious for me to insert them manually. After reading Lilian’s posts on how she implemented Kontera Ads at 5xmom.com, I have the courage to try and implement Kontera Ads at Bismut.net.

Firstly, I downloaded Kontera Ads plugin from Shupe and installed them into Bismut.net. Don’t forget to include <?php do_action(‘wp_footer’); ?> right before <body> in your wordpress theme because without the code, Kontera Ads will not be showing at all. After activating the plugin, I can see lined keyword popping up everywhere in my postings. I have made it!! I have managed to incorporate Kontera Ads easily by using the plugin from Shupe. Then, the second part is to prevent Kontera Ads from popping up in my paid postings. Lucia of Big Bucks Blogger has created Kontera Control plugin to solve the issue. I downloaded the plugin and follow the clear instruction from Lucia on how to configure the plugin and it worked perfectly as described!!

Now, I will need to see how Kontera help me to generate more money because according to Lilian, she made USD11 after 8 days of implementing Kontera. That’s a good amount of money to be made.