Aliens VS Predator

Travel Info October 29th, 2007

Aliens VS Predator

Who would want to buy this? For sure I am not the one. I found this metal things at Al Jaber Gallery in City Centre, Dubai. Apart from this Aliens vs Predator things, there are many other nice souvenirs available at Al Jaber gallery.

I Think This is A Something Unique For Me

Travelogues October 29th, 2007

Eagle Doha

This picture was caught during my visit to Doha Qatar. A unique scene for me because I have never seen eagle being traded like this in Malaysia. Maybe, it is illegal to trade eagle in Malaysia. I am not sure! I have not checked how much is the price since I am not going to buy any. But will it be cool to own one? I don’t know..

My Condolences to Mr Angkasawan

Personal October 29th, 2007

My condolences to Mr Angkasawan, Dr Sheikh Muzaphar for the loss of his younger brother who passed away yesterday. Younger brother Sheikh Mustafa, 32, went into a coma and died at the University Malaya Medical Centre after falling and hitting his head against a pillar at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. Dr Sheikh Muzaphar is the first Malaysian to be in space. He is supposed to be quarantined for 10 days but was allowed to leave one day earlier to attend his younger brother funeral. 

The grand hero’s welcome that was earlier planned has been postponed to three days after his brother’s funeral. After all, do we need to have that grand hero’s welcome? How much more millions will be spend?

Emirates Has 92 Flights per week To India

Travel News October 29th, 2007

Did you know that Emirates currently operates 92 flights per week to eight Indian gateways? Yes, 92 flights per week and the Indian gateways are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata and Bangalore. This has got to do with the large continent of approx 1.2millions Indians living in UAE. So, it is a normal business decision by Emirates to have more flights to India.

Emirates A380The population of the United Arab Emirates in 2006

  • Emiratis (local Arabs) 11%
  • Other Arabs 21%
  • South Asians 57%
  • Western and East Asian 11%

Recently, Emirates has introduced an additional daily flight to Mumbai which bring the total number of flights to the Indian city to 28 flights per week.The fourth daily service expands the current morning, afternoon and late night departures from Dubai to Mumbai.

Prepaid Mobile Service For Visitors in UAE

Travel Info October 28th, 2007

Du Mobile

Pay only AED70 for activation fee and you will get a SIM plus a free AED20 recharge card to use straightaway. That is a mobile prepaid service for visitors to UAE from DU, a new telecommunications service provider in UAE. In UAE, visitors only have two mobile phone providers to choose from. So, I am providing a table of comparison in between package being offered by both company for visitors to UAE.

Features Etisalat Du
Start up Cost AED 90 with free AED35 recharge card AED70 with free AED20 recharge card
Calls to all national mobiles and landlines 0.50 / min 1 fils per second
National SMS 0.30 / SMS 30 fils per message
International SMS 0.90 / SMS 90 fils per message
National MMS 0.45 / MMS of 50 KB 45 fils per 50kb message
International Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to selected destinations 1.80 / MMS of 50 KB 180 fils per 50kb message
National Video Calls 0.75 / min 1 fils per second
International Video calls to selected destinations 3.50 / min 7 fils per second
Validity Period 90 days-Non-renewabl 90 days Renewable

So, by looking at the table, the difference is not much and you can make the choice according to your requirement.