Breakfast with Malaysia Airlines

My View November 30th, 2007

I just want to let everybody know how I really enjoyed my meals during my recent Malaysia Airlines flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a 7 hours flight without PTV. There’s no in-flight entertainment (IFE) being provided for economy class passengers for this Airbus A320 aircraft and I don’t think the centralized screen is worth to be mentioned as IFE. So, with 7 hours to be spent, meals time was the most awaited moment for me. Meal for breakfast was nothing extraordinary but I really enjoyed the breakfast as if I was doing a food testing for cooking tournament.

Breakfast with Malaysia Airlines

Another 3 hours to arrive KLIA, lunch was provided and it was better than the breakfast.It’s chicken briyani.. I love the chicken briyani. Again, I was acting like a judge for a cooking tournament. Heyy..No personal screen TV okayyy..I have to share the projector screen with others. My seat was windows seat and I did not want to hurt my neck by trying to watch that centralized screen okayy… But seriously, the briyani was very very nice.

Lunch with Malaysia Airlines

In the end, I think I was the last person to hand over my tray to the stewardess. Eventhough without the PTV, I would still give Malaysia Airlines 5 stars for their service. Ermm..Maybe for the meals provided and also the beautiful and courteous flight attendants. The beautiful flight attendants look so gorgeous in that tight and sexy Kebaya. Next time, I will fly with Malaysia Airlines again.

Travel Blog?

My View November 22nd, 2007

When I started this blog, I was thinking of making this blog as a travel blog. I want to write about travelings as that is what I am doing in everyday life. I have to travel to work, I have to travel to buy grocery, I have to travel through a stage of life and I have to travel from a person to the other throughout my life. Please do not get me wrong. Travel in my life dictionary is not about traveling from one place to another like from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong or from London to Dubai. It is more than that. It’s about how I travel through my life! It is how I negotiate problems and overcoming obstacles in my life. That is what I want to write in this blog. But it is not easy to write about myself because I don’t have the skills to express myself. So, I have to start with something easy like writing about destination which I have visited and anything related to the traveling and leisure. In between the posts, I will slot in my thoughts on whatever subjects which has happened in my life.

There are a few travel blogs which I like to visit to get some ideas on what I want to write. One of them is a travel blog by I like this blog because I can read a lot of travel experience from the real travelers who travel to many places all over the world. Travel blog like this will help me in giving a head start when I want to write my own travelogues because I am still a novice when it comes to writing. At the same time, I wish I have the money to do like what they do. Yes, I want to travel around the world.

I am Going To Bangkok by Train

OnlyFive, Personal November 18th, 2007

Weather in Penang is now unpredictable where it can be hot in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon for one or two hours and then back to hot condition again after that. I am hoping that Thailand will not have the same weather condition when I am there next month. It will be a short family trip to Bangkok by train from Butterworth. Even though there are direct flights by from Penang to Bangkok but I would prefer to use train instead of flying there because it’s cheaper. At the same time, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both country along the way from Butterworth to Bangkok.

I have selected Bangkok due to the limited five days period which I have and Thailand is the nearest to go with my family. Eventhough Thailand will hold their general election on December 23rd, I don’t see any problem going there. The other place which I have in mind beside Thailand is Australia. Australia is the perfect destination to go in term of budget and what they have to offer. I will be able to get cheap flights from Jetstar and AirAsia. Again, time is the factor for me not to choose Australia. Maybe next time when I am able to get off days for at least one week. is Back To ooOOOooOOOo For Now!

Internet Marketing November 15th, 2007

Google has taken back their PR 4 which they have given to me last month. You can read about their generous PR 4 here. Last Sunday, they reduced this site PR to PR 2 and today, they have removed the PR completely. So, this site has PR 0 for now….

So, what I am going to do? Nothing!!..

After all the sleepless night, tireless socializing activities and blogging marathon which I have gone through for trying to get good Google PR, I just can’t afford to do that again. Its ain’t worth my time and my effort!…It’s better to spend my time concentrating on my current job.

Bad News! Skype Does Not Work in Dubai

General News, Travel News November 12th, 2007

I was a little bit shocked to find out that I could not use Skype while trying to contact my wife from Dubai last week. The access has been blocked by Etisalat, the UAE’s MONOPOLY telecom company. This is the news which I have got after googling to find the reason why Skype has been banned in UAE.

State-owned Etisalat – the country’s only fixed line operator –claims it did not ban Skype, but that the decision was made instead by the Dubai government.”

“It’s illegal to use voice over IP in the UAE and it is left to the regulatory authorities to allow or disallow such things,” Ahmed Bin Ali, public relations manager at Etisalat, told ITP Business. However, Bin Ali went on to admit that he didn’t know why a technology that is legal across most of the world had been banned in the UAE. “I don’t have the answer. Up ‘til now the technology itself has not been standardised,” he added.

Coincidentally, the Skype block comes as Etisalat itself prepares to launch its own VoIP service later this year. However, when quizzed on whether Etisalat might have been using its UAE government connections to ban VoIP competitors in advance, Bin Ali claimed this wasn’t the case. “That’s not a fair [accusation],” he said. “It (Skype) has been blocked because it is illegal to operate.”
May 2005, ITP.NET

The question here is who own Etisalat? Off course, the Dubai government. So, if the government wants  to squeeze more money from the huge number of expats in UAE, any attempt to use other services apart from the services provided by the government will be stopped at all costs. Ermmm..This is what you can expect from the income tax free country. You earn some and you will loose some. You can’t win everything.