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Benazir Bhutto assassinated

I am quite shocked today when reading the latest news from CNN about Benazir Bhutto being assassinated by a suicide bomber. Eventhough I am not a Pakistani but I have been following the Pakistan’s political scene with great interest. Many interesting development has happened since Mr Pervez Musharaff declared emergency state and allowing Mrs Bhutto […]

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Wonderful Malaysia

I would like to share these pictures which I took during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. I always wanted to take pictures like this but never have the chance to do it. Either I have forgotten to bring camera with me or it’s a night flight. Anyway, these are two from many pictures […]

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Lazy Days Ahead!

Heh..I’m damn lazy to blog nowadays. Most probably because of too much of work to do during office hours. At the same time, I have nothing much to blog..So, I would prefer to rest and play with my kid when I’m at home rather than spending my time in front of PC. Anyway, I would […]

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Malaysia Airlines Year End Offer

Kuala Lumpur – Bandar Seri Begawan MYR 620 Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok MYR 370 Kuala Lumpur – Cebu MYR 520 Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar MYR 580 Kuala Lumpur – Hanoi MYR 670 Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh City MYR 480 Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta MYR 420 Kuala Lumpur – Manila MYR 900 Kuala Lumpur […]

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For Your Safety Please Read This Card

Erghhh!!..FOR YOUR SAFETY PLEASE READ THIS CARD. I did read the safety card during my flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. What to do..? I have no choice when there’s no personal IFE for ECONOMY class passenger like me. I have been pampered by Emirates Airlines so much with their great IFE until I could […]

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