Change has come to America!

My View November 5th, 2008

Change has come to the United States of America when Barack Obama beats John McCain and becomes the country’s first black president. The message is very clear and the message is they want CHANGE. Today, Americans are not voting for Democrats or Barack Obama. They voted for CHANGE. So, what will happen to us next?

Hopefully, more policy which benefits the peoples will be introduced by the new government team – Democrats. For many years, USA has been the big brother to others and whatever happens in USA will definitely has some effects on other countries. When their economy has gone down and going through financial crisis, many other countries around the world are receiving the backlash. Rescue packages worth billions of dollars has been announced by the countries affected in order to save their own economy and financial sector. So, can we hope for Barack Obama to initiate CHANGE in United States of America and will help to end the worst financial and economic crisis which we are facing right now?! YES, we can…CHANGE!!