Today and yesterday, I have spent full two days just to redesign theme for my blog. I have tired of using other people theme. What a tiring and gruelling days for me as I’m not that expert in programming. I do know some basics but still felt like wanna puke after spending few hours reading the programming language..But at last, I managed to come out with this theme!!..Wohooo!

What can you expect from a marketing guy who did not have any formal education in computers. At least I have created my own theme and feel proud of putting a copyright sign at the bottom of this website. It is proudly presented by bismut @t work. A new sign..If anybody interested in getting my theme, please do let me know..I would always be happy to share my invention ( right word?). Who cares?? I’m not writing this to be submitted to my english language class..So, please forgive my english if wrong vocabulary(?) used in this posting!

So! Am I entitled to relay my story as a web designer? A two days experience of my life at least..But don’t worry.Nothing much to be said about life as a web designer..It’s a life between a computer and you..or maybe occasionally if you are connected to the net because you can surf for latest news. So you will know what is happening around you from a little room inside your little house..To be continue…

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