What a hectic weekend for me..I went to Padang Besar again. The women’s power has forced me to drive them there. So, one full saturday has been spent on Padang Besar agenda. We started the journey at 8.00am and took us 3 hours to reach Padang Besar at 11.00am. I did not use the highway but the federal road to avoid paying toll. Man has nothing to do with Padang Besar because it’s all about women’s stuff. While the mum and the grandma are performing their routine, the father has to look after that 2 years old kiddie. We spent our time at Padang Besar for about 2 hours.

If you are looking for cheap stuffs, replicas designers bags and etc etc, Padang Besar is the place to be. It has many things to offer but nothing for a man like me. Poor me. After a few stops, we reach home at about 6.00pm and I was so exhausted and my day was ended at 8.00PM .

One whole day today is being spent on fine tuning bismut.net. Many things has to be done to make bismut.net looks good. Hopefully after the exercise, it looks handsome than before. Comparing between trip to Padang Besar and fine tuning work, bismut.net require more energy and not only physically but also mentally. I am more exhausted with fine tuning work rather than the trip. Two Red Bulls pleaseeeee..!!

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