Don’t get excited as yet because AirasiaX will only start flying to London by end of next year according to AirAsiaX CEO. They are creating buzz here and there about this maiden flight to StandSted, London since last year but none of the promised flights take off eventhough the landing right has been secured. Among the reasons given by AirAsiaX is the difficulty to lease aircraft due to the delayed delivery of Airbus A380. The delay has sparked affected airlines to hold to their leases aircraft or leasing more aircrafts for temporary replacement while waiting for their Airbus A380.

airasia.jpgMaybe London can wait but not for Australia and China where AirAsiaX will start flying four flights a week to Australia and five a week to China by end of the next month. This word of confidence was given after AirAsiaX received their first 6-years leased long-haul A330-300 aircraft. For daily long-haul flights to London, AirAsiaX will use Airbus A340 which will be received at the end of next year.

For travelers who can’t wait until next year, go and try AirAsiaX to China or Australia. Me? I have to look for more coins to be put inside my piggy bank first. I wish my piggy bank can cast spell on all the coins and turn to gold.

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