All the airports in United States will soon restrict remote control toys from being carried into the cabin of aircrafts. All passangers who wish to bring remote control toys with them will be asked by the security personnel to check-in the toys together with their luggage. This move is said as a precaution to deter terrorists from using remote control toys to initiate attacks on airplanes.

Since September 11, USA has becoming stricter in tightening air securities to avoid similar tragedy to repeat. Although there were no specific threats of such attacks has been recorded on any commercial airplanes, it was a big concern for American soldiers in Iraq. Remote control toys has been used by US troops in Iraq by ramming the toys into suspected insurgents bombers.

In another similar airport security development, Bahrain International Airport is the latest airport to impose new rules to ban liquid from being carried into the aircraft cabin.According to the new rules, all passengers traveling from or transiting through the airport irregardless whether on commercial or chartered airplanes would have to undergo extra security screening for liquids, gels and aerosols.The new rules has been implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation at the Bahrain International Airport since last Sunday.

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