Malaysia Airlines (MAS) “Everyday Low Fares” is back. Book your air tickets from 5th to 9th oct 2009 to enjoy your everyday low fares. Travel period is from 5th Nov 2009 to 10 Sep 2009.

I would like to put a table of low fares reference from MAS website but unable to do so because it’s too tedious to adjust the table which may not display correctly on this website.  Anyway, to make life easier for me, you may refer the attractive low fares by clicking Malaysia Airlines All-in Everyday Low Fares ..

One Comment to “All-in Everyday Low Fares is Back from Malaysia Airlines”

  1. abd rahman | January 11th, 2010 at 11:19 am

    website mas banyak. tapi cari kat mana nak book takde pun. tak macam air asia. website dia tak banyak senang nak beli tiket

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