Last night I was watching a travel documentary on some great destinations in America by Ian Wright. I like to watch and admire Ian Wright because of the way he travel. He did not stay in posh hotel with luxurious treatment or fly business class to the destination, it was more on the budgeted side which attracted me. His show, Globetrekker is a great help for me when I travel to the destination which he has gone to.

My idea of a perfect vacations is to spent like one or two months at one location. By doing this, I can enjoy, relax and understand local culture better. To stay at one location for a longer period of time, many preparations must be done in term of financial budget and accommodations. Apart from budget hotels which will not be appropriate to stay for longer period, vacation rentals is another way to save budget on accommodations. Vacation rentals is a big business in USA comparing to my country. Even from one vacation rentals to another like Daytona vacation rentals to Myrtle vacation rentals, you will have a big list to choose from. I might be tempted to go to USA since I have not been there before. Maybe, one or two months there will help me to understand the culture there.

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