It’s very hard for us to appreciate the presents of our love ones whenever they are with us. It’s only when we have lost them or away from them, then we will learn how to appreciate the moments we have with them.

I have experienced the lost of my father who had passed away last 2 years. It had happened so sudden where our family has never expected that moment will come at last. We were just come back from an outing when my late father fell on the floor because of heart attack. We immediately rushed him to the hospital where the doctor pronounced that he is not with us anymore. This has given a shock to us and when seeing my mum cried quietly, I can see the big lost in my mum’s life and as well as mine. Seven days before that we were celebrating the birth of my first son  into our family. We have lost one of the great leader of our family. And until today I still feel the lost.

Back to these days, whenever I travel outside of the country, I will be missing the presents of my wife, my son and my mum. I love them so much that I missed them a lot. Usually travelings require me to be out for almost 2 weeks. The last trip to Cairo has put me away from my family for 16days. The feelings has not only felt by me but also by my family. My son has put off some weight when I am away to Cairo. So, most of the time when I’m not on a trip, I have made a routine to be at home with my family whenever possible. I want to spend time as much as I can with them so that they will not missing me so much when I am away.

I like to travel but there is also a catch in doing that. I have to travel without my family.  This experience does not apply to all but only limited to myself as I do not have the luxury to take them with me.

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