susan.jpgA controversial remark by Susan (played by Terry Hatcher) in the latest series of Desperate Housewives had angered the people of Philipines. The remark which pokes fun at medical education system in the Philipines had made the people of Philipines to demand official apology from the producer of the popular TV-series, ABC Network. More than 50,000 names have signed an online petition calling for an apology and U S network ABC has apologised for the mistake and considering editing the episode to remove the joke after the country’s health minister said he will complain.

In one of the scene when Susan who went for a medical check-up was shocked when the doctor said she may be going through menopause. Susan then demanded to see the doctor’s diploma, “just to make sure they aren’t from some school in the Philippines”.

Pity them..Maybe they need this kind of controversy to maintain their popularity? Is Desperate Housewives still a popular TV show? Yes it is, but I have stopped watching Desperate Housewives for quite sometime eventhough I like Eva Longoria so much. Maybe because it does not suit into Asians culture.Gabrielle had an affair with a young guy?

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