Indonesia is planning for a mega tourism campaign in an effort to attract more tourists to visit Indonesia. This mega tourism drive will be part of Visit Indonesia 2008 campaign which coincide with Indonesia’s 100th anniversary of their country’s Independence movement next year. The campaign will be launched on January 1st with a grand opening event and a tourism exhibition in Jakarta. After that there will be 100 more events and festivals being planned including sports, cultural and lifestyle.
mountsemeru.jpgWorks on promoting the “Visit Indonesia 2008” campaign has already started with a few countries especially from the middle easts being targeted. Discussions with airlines like Qatar Airways are progressing very well and plans to organize travels exhibitions are in place. In the year 2006, Indonesia managed to attract more than five millions tourists from all over the world and expecting the figure to increase to six millions tourists this year.

It seems like next year will be a good year to visit Indonesia. Maybe, I should delay my trip to Indonesia until January next year.

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  2. Ekhsan | February 19th, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Dear my neighbor country Indonesia,
    I’m fond of traveling, but once I went to Indonesia, it was a catastrophe, first glance at the airport, there was flood nearby. Sorry to say this 🙂

    Then I tried to find some public transport to go the downtown of Jakarta, it was so errm, I can’t stand it. The people seems don’t care about the rubbish, I found a lot in the rivers, sorry again to say this. Indonesia has millions of beautiful islands, but not for the big cities 🙁

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