I’m feeling the wrath of monday morning sickness eventhough today is Thursday as I need to be back to work after having 5 days off. What a long holidays for me. A lot of follow ups that needed to be attended today as other parts of the world did not have the same holidays as my country. Myself is like a train when working on something.In order for me to stop, I have to slowly decreasing my speed until everything completely stop. If not, the engine will find it hard to start all over again because the unproductive thought will creep into my mind like what is happening today. I am lazy to do anything.

After checking my mail box, we are receiving enquiries from unlikely sources.India and Turkey has dominated the enquiry chart. These two countries are regarded as unlikely source as they have hundreds of manufacturers in their own country doing the same products as us. Why they want to source from other country? It’s still fumbling me to answer this situation when dizziness has taken the control of my head. I will have to settle everything by today!..

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