I just want to let everybody know how I really enjoyed my meals during my recent Malaysia Airlines flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a 7 hours flight without PTV. There’s no in-flight entertainment (IFE) being provided for economy class passengers for this Airbus A320 aircraft and I don’t think the centralized screen is worth to be mentioned as IFE. So, with 7 hours to be spent, meals time was the most awaited moment for me. Meal for breakfast was nothing extraordinary but I really enjoyed the breakfast as if I was doing a food testing for cooking tournament.

Breakfast with Malaysia Airlines

Another 3 hours to arrive KLIA, lunch was provided and it was better than the breakfast.It’s chicken briyani.. I love the chicken briyani. Again, I was acting like a judge for a cooking tournament. Heyy..No personal screen TV okayyy..I have to share the projector screen with others. My seat was windows seat and I did not want to hurt my neck by trying to watch that centralized screen okayy… But seriously, the briyani was very very nice.

Lunch with Malaysia Airlines

In the end, I think I was the last person to hand over my tray to the stewardess. Eventhough without the PTV, I would still give Malaysia Airlines 5 stars for their service. Ermm..Maybe for the meals provided and also the beautiful and courteous flight attendants. The beautiful flight attendants look so gorgeous in that tight and sexy Kebaya. Next time, I will fly with Malaysia Airlines again.

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