Bus of Death

Travel News August 14th, 2007


It’s a sad tragedy! One of the worst tragedy in Malaysia. 20 died, 8 others left injured. The accident occurred in the wee hours of Monday at 4.20am on the FIRST CLASS North-South Expressway. Obviously, it’s the driver or the bus condition could be the main cause of the accident.

The ill-fated bus was driven by a driver with 13 traffic summonses and two warrant of arrest against him while the 20-year-old bus, which also had 19 summonses, did not have the permit to ply the route from Malacca to Alor Setar. So, one question for Malaysian road transport authority, why a driver and a bus with such record be allowed to be on the road? The bus company has been ordered to cease operation with immediate effect after one of their bus claimed 20 lives. Unfortunately, the order came a little too late for the victims and their family..

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