Cairo again?

Travelogues May 8th, 2007

I am going to Cairo, Egypt again after the last trip in March 2007. The first trip was planned to get the feel of Egyptian market. This time around is to do some following up on customers from the last trip. I am going there from 18th to 25th May 07.It is not a long trip comparing to in March. Emirates is the preferred airline as it has flight schedule which can suit my planned trip.

What to expect from this trip? Off course I want some sales but that will be a very tough task. It’s like a mountain to climb. From our last trip to Cairo, we have concluded that Egypt market does not fancy building materials like Dubai or other gulf countries. By looking at the numbers of building being constructed, nothing is closed to their neighbors across the Red Sea. For those who is doing foods or necessity items, there are good chances of hitting big in Egyptian market. Like what one of my friend who has labeled Egypt as a gold mine for his dairy business. He managed to get orders for 15 containers from his first trip to Cairo. How I hope I am in his positions.

Err..How to say 10 Pounds in Arabic language? Asharaf Ganieh?

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    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…

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