Eventhough I have gone to Cairo last March, I still have to find some more informations before going there. Informations like weather conditions, tourists seasons, hotels and industrial areas. This time around is more like visiting prospective customers so I need to be get more familiar with the office locations of the targeting customers.

As been informed, weather at this point of time is summer with temperature around 34 to 40 degree Celsius. It is hot comparing to my home country. I have to drinks a lot water while there. During summer, Egypt especially Cairo will be invaded by the Arabs from the gulf countries as the hot weather in Cairo is not as hot as in the gulf. Prices of hotels will go up but not to worry as I have found a travel website which a very offer good rate for booking made through the website. I am planning to book a room at Nile Hilton. The website is offering a standard room at USD80 per night which is cheap as Nile Hilton is located at the most strategic place within Downtown Cairo.

So many things that I have to prepare before departing on this coming 18th May. Hopefully I will not missed anything.

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