Travel Blog?

My View November 22nd, 2007

When I started this blog, I was thinking of making this blog as a travel blog. I want to write about travelings as that is what I am doing in everyday life. I have to travel to work, I have to travel to buy grocery, I have to travel through a stage of life and I have to travel from a person to the other throughout my life. Please do not get me wrong. Travel in my life dictionary is not about traveling from one place to another like from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong or from London to Dubai. It is more than that. It’s about how I travel through my life! It is how I negotiate problems and overcoming obstacles in my life. That is what I want to write in this blog. But it is not easy to write about myself because I don’t have the skills to express myself. So, I have to start with something easy like writing about destination which I have visited and anything related to the traveling and leisure. In between the posts, I will slot in my thoughts on whatever subjects which has happened in my life.

There are a few travel blogs which I like to visit to get some ideas on what I want to write. One of them is a travel blog by I like this blog because I can read a lot of travel experience from the real travelers who travel to many places all over the world. Travel blog like this will help me in giving a head start when I want to write my own travelogues because I am still a novice when it comes to writing. At the same time, I wish I have the money to do like what they do. Yes, I want to travel around the world.

Mariachis Performance At The Mall of the Emirates

My View October 28th, 2007

I was fortunate enough to watch the Mariachi musics performed by a group of Mexican artists during my visit to the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The performance was part of the events which was organized by the mall to support Dubai Shopping Festival 2007. Watch the clip which I managed to record during the performance. Great vocals right?

Phone Card For Cheaper International Phone Calls

My View, OnlyFive October 28th, 2007

Mobile phone roaming charges can be very expensive when I want to call home while abroad. So, in order to save expenses on mobile phone bill, I am using phone card as a cheaper option to call home. Before going abroad, I will usually try to find phone cards available in the country where I am going to visit. Website like PhoneCardsAvenue will help me to compare, find the cheapest rate and buy phone card online. I am not sure about other phone card company but PhoneCardsAvenue do have great offers like cheap calling rates and 3% cash back rebate program. The rebate program will give me 3% saving whenever I purchase phone card from them.

In term of savings, I have saved a lot of money by using phone card. Maybe, I can buy a new iPhone soon with the savings.

Holidays in Dubai?

My View, OnlyFive October 22nd, 2007

Holidays in Dubai is not a good idea to be suggested to me. I would prefer to be in Cairo or maybe Istanbul where more things can be enjoyed there. Dubai is more suitable for business visit as you can see more of other nationalities than the locals. But next week I have to be there to attend an exhibition. Flights to Dubai has been booked through a local travel agency. At first, I was looking to book accommodations and flight tickets from online website like DialAFlight. I know I can get better offer for flights to Dubai but my company insisted on using the local travel agency. So, I have no choice but to use Malaysia Airlines for this trip because other Middle East flights offered by Emirates or Qatar Airways through this travel agency are quite expensive.

My Ultimate Space Travel Dream Worth $30 Millions

My View October 12th, 2007

It worth $30 millions to travel to space and must also medically fit to be part of the journey. As for now space tourism opportunities are limited and expensive. Only the Russian Space Agency is being involved in this expensive space travel to the International Space Station aboard a Soyuz spacecraft. While NASA is not keen at this moment. Eventhough the cost is now at $30 millions, flights are fully booked until 2009.

As of 2007, six space tourists has made a visit to International Space Station (ISS) on Soyuz spacecraft.

  1. Dennis Tito (American): April 28 – May 6, 2001
  2. Mark Shuttleworth (South African / British): April 25 – May 5, 2002
  3. Gregory Olsen (American): October 1 – October 11, 2005
  4. Anousheh Ansari (Iranian / American): September 18 – September 29, 2006
  5. Charles Simonyi (Hungarian / American): April 7 – April 21, 2007
  6. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (Malaysian): October 10 – October 21, 2007

and the list continue for future space tourist candidates :

  1. Richard Garriott (United States). Expected to fly on Soyuz TMA-13 in 2008.
  2. Santhosh George Kulangara, a business man from Kerala-India. Mr. Santhosh George would fly on board the Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship by mid 2008.
  3. Daisuke Enomoto (Japan) – Internet entrepreneur, was expected to fly on Soyuz TMA-9 in September 2006, but was grounded for medical reasons, and replaced by Ansari.

Check this video of the latest expedition which carried Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the first Malaysian to be in space. It’s great to see this.

180px-earth6391.jpgIn 2009, maybe my dream will be made possible by Virgin Galactic, a space tourism groups headed by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. $200,000 will be the initial price to fly with VSS Enterprise (Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo) to go beyond the height of 100 km, which is the internationally defined boundary between Earth and space. Even though the experience would not be the same as the space travel to ISS, passengers would at least experience a few minutes of weightlessness, a view of a twinkle-free starfield, and a vista of the curved Earth below.

As for now, the ultimate dream of a person like me to be part of the travel to the space will only remain as a dream.