I Need A Holiday

OnlyFive October 28th, 2007

After a year of hard work, everyone deserves to go for a short holidays including myself. I will not be going alone but I am thinking of bringing my whole family with me. So, I have to go for a bargain holidays instead of the expensive ones.

HolidayHypermarket.co.uk is a travel website that lets you design your own package. You will have the option to build the holiday package according to your budget, preferences and schedule that fits you. Through the website, you can easily search, compare and book flights to your desired destinations worldwide. You can also find accommodations including hotels, apartments and villas in great location which suits nicely into your preferences. I can’t wait to go for my next holidays.

I Need A Pair Of Shoes

OnlyFive October 27th, 2007

I was checking for a discount coupon at CouponChief.com for a pair of Timberland shoes when my wife came to ask me about my trip to Dubai. Actually, she was not asking me about Dubai but she specifically asked me to buy her a pair of DKNY sunglasses. I said NO to her request because I don’t have the budget for that. Right now I really need a pair of shoes and I have this Timberland Waterproof PreciseFit™ Outlier Rugged Oxford Brown in my mind. That pair of shoes will cost me $96.00 with free delivery if I buy online. Before that, I think I need to do some price checking first to make sure that I am getting the best deal. Like Last year, I have got 70% discount for a pair of Nike shoes which I bought during Dubai Shopping Festival 2007.

Create Your Online Store With Ashop Commerce

Computers, OnlyFive October 25th, 2007

Are you creating your first online store? Before you do anything, do check Ashop Commerce for revolutionary solutions in creating your first online store. Ashop Commerce, a leading provider of shopping cart software, internet programming and digital imaging, is providing solutions for small to medium size business in creating their online business presence.

One of great product from Ashop Commerce is web based shopping cart software. The software which can be managed from a simple to use web based admin panel does not require subscribers to have any html or special web skills to operate the software. Ashop Commerce has even come out with movie tutorials and free tech support through phone, email or online chat to provide help to subscribers. Other features being offered in the shopping cart software including flexible payment gateway setup, web optimisation, security which includes fraud protection, fully customisable web design and analysis report.

Ashop Commerce is offering 4 type of plans for shopping cart software with price starting from as little as $69.95 per month. As a start,10 days free trial with no credit card needed is now being offered by Ashop Commerce to evaluate the shopping cart software. That’s a brave move by Ashop Commerce to gain confidence in their ecommerce software.

Paris, My Romantic Adventures

OnlyFive, Personal October 25th, 2007

Paris and Nice, France

Last night I told my mum that I am going to France in January. My boss has asked me to attend an exhibition in Paris. As expected, my mum started to tell me on her wonderful honeymoon in Paris with dad 30 years ago. Yes mum, I know you and dad ‘made’ me when both of you were in Paris. I know because you told me since the first day I was born and you have never forgotten to repeat that same old story whenever you have the chance to do so. I have not been to Paris but I know a lot about Paris from you, dad and uncle Joe.

Preparation for the trip to France will only be started when I am back from Dubai.At this moment, I am quite occupied with preparation for my trip to Dubai. I think I should not be facing problems to look for hotels in Paris because there will be no big events held in January. Paris Fashion Week will only start a month after my trip. In spite of that, the tour agency has already given me a list of hotels in France to choose from. Even though the trip will only commence in January next year, I do have a few activities in my mind which I would like to do while in Paris like visiting museums and having dinner at some famous dining places.I hope I can fully utilized the short period which I have during my stay in Paris.

Mum reminded me to visit Uncle Joe who is staying in Nice. I would love to visit Uncle Joe whose house is near to the central market but I will not be staying at his house because I will have a few friends with me. So, he has promised to find nice hotels which located near to the beaches for me.Uncle Joe also promised to bring me to a few great restaurants in Nice to sample local cuisine.

Holidays in Dubai?

My View, OnlyFive October 22nd, 2007

Holidays in Dubai is not a good idea to be suggested to me. I would prefer to be in Cairo or maybe Istanbul where more things can be enjoyed there. Dubai is more suitable for business visit as you can see more of other nationalities than the locals. But next week I have to be there to attend an exhibition. Flights to Dubai has been booked through a local travel agency. At first, I was looking to book accommodations and flight tickets from online website like DialAFlight. I know I can get better offer for flights to Dubai but my company insisted on using the local travel agency. So, I have no choice but to use Malaysia Airlines for this trip because other Middle East flights offered by Emirates or Qatar Airways through this travel agency are quite expensive.