Am I Going To Madrid Soon?

OnlyFive October 14th, 2007


I am neither merengues of Real Madrid nor los sufridores of Atletico Madrid but I would definitely like to be in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. After seeing what Madrid can offer, I would certainly enjoying myself there. Watch bullfighting at Las Ventas or stopping for chocolate con churros while searching for hotels in Madrid, it will be such a marvelous experience to have while I’m there. But , I will not be there so soon because Thailand will be my next destination to travel before opening the new traveling chapter of 2008.

I am planning to be in Thailand at the end of this year after postponing my intended Indonesian adventure to next year. I heard that Indonesia is going to have ‘Visit Indonesia 2008’ campaign starting this January. I am sure there will be so much of tourism activities being organized by the Indonesian tourism board to attract more tourists to visit Indonesia. So, instead of going there this year, next year will be a better option for me. I don’t need to be there this year if next year can give me more.

I have always considered budget planning as the most important part in planning for a trip. So, I am keeping myself updated with hotel news and travel offers while doing the planning in order to get the best out of my intended trip.

Shopping Cart Software For Online Business

OnlyFive October 6th, 2007

Yesterday, I received a call from a friend of mine who is looking for an ecommerce software to be integrated into his company website. His company wanted to sell product through internet after seeing their competitor making tons of money from it. Eventhough they are a little bit late but it’s better than never try at all. He wanted me to recommend any cheap and easy to use shopping cart software. Soon after the conversation, I was all over the place looking for any good shopping cart software to be recommended to him.

Late last night, I managed to find one shopping cart which fulfill all the criteria set by my friend. He is looking for cheap, web based, and fully customizable designs. All of that criterias mentioned are the features available in shopping cart from Ashop Commerce, one of a leading US provider for hosted shopping cart software. According to Ashop Commerce, It’s revolutionary online store building software is one of the worlds most easy to use web based administrations. So it is not required for users to be technically sounds person to be able to operate the software. At the same time, Ashop Commerce do provide free 24 hours technical support if users are having problems with the software. The shopping cart software is also can be customized to suit the design of website with many themes and settings to choose from. I am sure my friend will be happy to try this Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software which available from as little as $69 a month.

Please Confirm Your Hotel Reservations

OnlyFive October 4th, 2007

I will be going to Dubai at the end of this month to attend an exhibition. It is going to be a short trip for me since I have to meet only a few customers and at the same time attending the exhibition. As everybody knows, Dubai hotels are not cheap especially during big exhibitions being held like Big5, Arab Health or Index Dubai. Three or four stars hotels which usually charge their room rate at around AED500 will increase their room rates exorbitantly during those exhibitions. So, in order for me to get cheaper room rate for hotels, the option that I have is to book through internet.

One of the internet hotel reservation website which I normally go to check hotel rates is Many time I find that room rates from is reliable and does not charge excessively. In fact, most of the time they are generously offering up to 70% discount for booking made through it’s website. This can be seen from their extensive network of hotels which they have under them. Apart from hotel bookings, is also offering other services like vacation rentals, flight bookings and car rentals. It is so convenient for travelers like me to quickly plan and pay for my itinerary through the website.

However, in my case, I have tried to check the room rates for Regent Palace Hotel which located in front of BurJuman shopping centre and sadly the price available is only a rack rate price which has no discounts at all. A quick check at other online booking website also revealed the same rate. I guess this is the period where hotels in Dubai will squeeze their guests for more money to cover lost of income during low seasons. So, there is no point for me to complaint since I still have to go there. But my advise for those who are going to Dubai during exhibitions, it is important to confirm your hotel reservations in advance. This is to avoid being without room on arrival due to hotels fully booked situation.

New Storage Cabinets Needed!

OnlyFive October 2nd, 2007

I think I need to buy a special garage storage cabinets to keep all my stuffs. Some of the stuffs are quite dangerous to be put at a place where my boy can easily reach them. My boy is getting smarter now. Whenever I am doing my things, he will carefully observe and then will try to repeat the act by himself. Like last night after waxing my car, I left to get something to drink and when I came back, he was all over the car with my wax. I am afraid that he will play with some of my dangerous stuffs when nobody is around to watch him. So, it is crucial for me to get a set of storage cabinets which can be locked and cannot be reach by my son.

Maybe I should get some advise from

My Weekend In Venice

OnlyFive September 14th, 2007

Today, it’s raining for the whole day. What a great start for my weekend breaks. I am supposed to go to Kelantan today but I am postponing the date to the end of the month. The month of Ramadan has just started. So, I have a thought of spending more of my time at home. Normally my weekend breaks, short breaks, city breaks or what ever breaks, me and my wife will plan to go somewhere where we can see and learn new things. Hey!! There are still many interesting places in Malaysia which I have not been to. If we have more budgets, for sure we would prefer to go to places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Venice. At this moment, these fabulous European destinations will not be in our list unless I win some free tickets to Europe or I manage to buy RM9.99 AirAsiaX cheap flights to London.

Hopefully, my weekend will be great even at home..