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Lazy Days Ahead!

Heh..I’m damn lazy to blog nowadays. Most probably because of too much of work to do during office hours. At the same time, I have nothing much to blog..So, I would prefer to rest and play with my kid when I’m at home rather than spending my time in front of PC. Anyway, I would […]

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I was in Cairo in May 2007

I did not write anything on Cairo since coming back from that trip in May except for a few review on hotels and the great service from The trip was not a great one because I was there alone. Nothing much can be done when you are alone and going there for business purpose. […]

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I hate this!!

When we needed the most, it’s not there. When we barely need it, it’s there all the time. It happened to me since last week. I hate to have this kind of situation. I am looking for my USB SD Card reader because I need to transfer some picture from the digital camera to PC. […]

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Use your head not your knee..

Am I a friendly type of person? On the way back home from Cairo, I have to transit twice and every transit is 3 hours long. I will start chit-chatting with anybody sitting beside me while waiting for my flight. In a way it is a good thing to do because I can easily mix […]

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Honey!I am home..

I am going home today!..That will be another 9 hours to go. I tried to check in online but failed. Why Emirates airline has such a crappy online check in system.? System error has occurred when I am in the middle of selecting the seat. After that, I can’t log into the system anymore. The website advised me to go to […]

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