Self Expressions May 23rd, 2007

When traveling alone out from your country on a business trip, you have to have the right attitude and focus on what your are there for. Away from your normal life will make you lost your focus and also your motivations. That is why the job that I am currently doing is not suitable for everyone.

So, how to motivate yourself? Different person do has different ways of motivating yourself. Like myself, I will normally think of my family. I am here in Cairo because of my family. I am working hard is because of my family. I can’t see them go through some kind of suffering period again if I am not focus in what I am doing now. If I am not focus in looking for customers, I may not hit my annual sales budget. This will off course reflect as a poor performance by me and I wil not get anymore benefits like good bonus or salary increments. Maybe the poor performance will need me to leave the jobs. Heck! I don’t want that to happen. I need to focus, focus and focus!

It’s hot now but I have no choice. I have to finish my meeting early and come back to the hotel for the UEFA Champions League final. That is my motivation for today!

Immigration woes..

Self Expressions May 15th, 2007

stopI have not had any experience being held at any airport before but Cairo International Airport. It was an early flight arrival at 6.30am. At the immigration counter, my passport was taken by the officer and was asked to wait at one corner. For almost two hours, I have to wait there for nothing. Tried to asked them on what is happening, they simply said wait!..At last, one of the officer came and asked for my national identification card. What the *%#!* is going on here. I thought passport is enough to prove my nationality. As I did not bring my ID, I have to give my credit card for what they claimed as verifications. So, they released me after keeping me waiting there for two hours for nothing. What an experience!

Hopefully for this trip, I will not face the same experience again.

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

Self Expressions May 11th, 2007

Discipline is playing the big role in any successful story. And I have been lacked of it. I have set myself a target of at leasts 10 postings a day but the most that I have posted in a day is only 3 posts. So, how am I going to get 1000 postings within 3 months if this is the way I handle myself. I have to pressed myself and stick to the original plan eventhough I am tight right now. But that is not an excuse if I want to make well known. Daytime job is only from 8am to 6pm and even during working hours I am able to do a few postings. Stop giving excuses and start delivering the commitments.

Discipline myself or just forget the whole thing. Without discipline, I will not be going anywhere. I don’t want to achieve a half cook success. It’s either success or nothing at all.

The weather is getting hot..

Self Expressions May 9th, 2007

This few days the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Yesterday, I felt my head was heavy like it’s full with 10kg stones. I slept quite early the night before. So, there’s no issue of not having enough sleep. I think that headache is attributed by the hot weather. Lucky thing, last night it was raining quite heavily. I was having a really cool and deep sleep and woke up fresh in the morning. How good if it rains every night.

I don’t know how to predict the weather but it’s getting hotter now. At 5pm normally the weather is not so hot but that is not the case now. Even at noon is not as hot as at 5pm. Maybe the weather of the world has been changing because of the global warming effect. Too much CFC has been released by those industrialists who wants more money into their pocket rather than saving the earth for future generation. I have watched the news that two big industrialists, USA and China did not want to sign Kyoto Protocol to reduce  greenhouse gas emissions. So, if these two countries refused to sign, what is there to reduce. They are among the big factory of the world especially China.

Hopefully something can be done to save our planet. To China and USA, please sign this Kyoto Protocol because it is for the future generations.

Sunday to Sunday?

Self Expressions May 6th, 2007

How fast a day changed from sunday to sunday. And it means a lot to me as I need more time to do my work. Looking at time allocated in between office and my internet passions make me think if I don’t have to go to the office and work from home, it will be the most wonderful things to do. But I can’t because the job require me to be at the office from 9 to 5  and I have to take up the job as I have a lovely wife and one little wonderful creature given by god to look after. I have bills and debts to be paid. Huh! This is the reality of life..

For those netpreneurs who has made it big by raking thousands of dollars from the internet, I admire all of you. My ambition is to do just that and my journey is still far.