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Guessing Game with Court..

Huh! Court is crazy enough to give his paycheck for June if anybody can guess correctly his June income. I would like to give a try. Maybe my lady luck is somewhere near me during this month.It’s not about the contest that I am interested in, it’s how he managed to gain 240% increase of […]

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Advise from 13-Years Old Kid?

Anythings is possible during internet era..I am still wondering how can a 13 years old kid is making more money than an adult like me from the internet. It’s just amazing! I have been thinking about this 13 years old kid. He is either making stories or he is really making money like what he […]

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Nile Hilton – Review

I have written the first part of the Nile Hilton review here. So this will be the conclusion of my stay at Nile Hilton Hotel. Location wise, Nile Hilton is the best of all. Located at the most central downtown, you can have almost everything at the door steps. From strolling along the Corniche El […]

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Make Money Review My Blog

Jason Neuman is offering a short review of your blog if you can review his blog. It is not a bad proposition because you will be able to get a backlink from PR5 website and it will give you the boost needed for your own blog ranking.At current zero Google page ranking, I have to […]

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Nile Hilton – 1st Review.

After the huha about the smooth online booking made with, now I would like to give the first part review of Nile Hilton. I am now in Cairo and have checked into my room at the Nile Hilton. Egyptians so far in my experience has never failed me. I was greeted at the airport […]

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