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Review May 16th, 2007

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Who is John Chow? Obviously he is somebody when the Google result for keyword John Chow shows 2.28 millions pages.  He  has even overtaken problogger, Darren Rowse for keyword make money online.

John Chow is a famous netpreneur who is known for his sharing of knowledge on how to make money online. He has done some innovative ways in internet marketing like making full use of Google image search and promoting AGLOCO.

This posting on him is also a result of one of his antics to promote his website. He really make full use of his PR6 site by offering quality backlink to your site. All that I need to do is to review his blog. Hey! I need to be famous too..

Hotel booking through

Review, Travel Tips May 15th, 2007

I think it is premature to write a review on but who cares..If the service is not as what is expected I will delete this posting and change it to negative one. So, I will call this posting as booking review.

I have booked a room at Nile Hilton Cairo from for 6 nights. If I book directly from the hotel, the rate is USD162.00 per night with breakfast but through, the rate given is marvelously low at USD82.00 per night inclusive breakfast. At first, I’m a bit sceptical but after searching some information on their credibility, I decided to give a try. Their service is quite fast as they confirmed my booking within an hour and booking voucher to be presented at check-in counter is issued within 6 hours by  Good service!

For your information, I paid the booking using debit card Visa Electron. I need to tell this as some online merchants do not accept debit card. Airport transfer is charged at USD27.00 per way.I requested a Nile view room and was informed that I need to pay additional USD15.00 per night. I would not take it as USD15.00 can buy me a lot of things in Cairo. Without Nile view is not going to hurt me..

As I said in the earlier posting, Nile Hilton is chosen because of it’s location. I have stayed at Conrad Cairo before. I would love to stay there again but I have to look for another hotel this time around because of it’s location is a bit far from the downtown and the rate is not budget friendly. has impressed me so far for the first part. Second part of the review will be given when I am back from the trip.

Hostgator – A reliable webhosting company?

Review May 14th, 2007

Are you looking for the best web hosting, the cheapest web hosting and the most reliable web hosting? The answer is none. In searching for the best web hosting package, there are many tactics and styles being used by web hosting company to woo customers by stating they are the best web hosting and there are also guides as Hosting for Dummies which could also help with this, the cheapest web hosting and the most reliable web hosting. Many web hosting promotion has come up with websites to show the top 10 web hosting, top hosting provider, reliable web hosting, web hosting chart and many more. But let us do some reality check on web hosting services.

  1. All webhosting cannot offer 100% uptime and in a year there will be at least a few time of downtime wil occur. The best that they can claim is 99.9% uptime. So, normally a good webhosting company will provide up to date information and support during the downtime and will try to get the server up as soon as they can. The keyword here is up to date information.
  2. All my data losts during last server downtime.
    Let’s face it. Data losts is not all about webhosting company fault. It is your fault. You did not make any backup and you rely too much on other people to do that. Why on earth other people want to do that for you when you are paying peanuts for the service? Stop blaming others!
  3. Where on earth you can find things where you pay peanuts and you get premium services? Even cheap China products are lacking in quality.So, whenever you see unbelievable offer, always give a benefit of doubt. Search for more information on the background of the company and services before login into your paypal account. Many info can be obtained even by Googling. Keyword? HostGator sucks, HostGator unreliable?
  4. There are many more points but I will add once they have come across my mind.

So far HostGator has been good to me in providing good service. It may not be the best but at least, HostGator is quite reliable in giving the services. Like I have mentioned above, up to date information is the key and as per today, HostGator does not failed in doing that.

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Win a Free Domain & Free Hosting For Your WordPress Blog?

Review May 14th, 2007

Heh!..Someone is crazy enough to give a free domain for a year and free for life hosting for wordpress blog. At least myself still not able to do that. is running a review contest with prizes of free domain and free for life blog hosting for anyone interested. You just need to do a review on at your website and you are in the running to win the prizes. That easy?

Let us see how it works. First, write a review and inform Sabahan about the entry using the contact form. You will then qualify into a pool of five entries and one winner will be selected randomly from the pool to receive the free domain. Then, each of the winner of free domain will qualify into another pool of five winners and one winner of free for life blog hosting will be selected randomly from that pool.

For the free domain, Sabahan will not register the domain for you but you will get USD10 from Sabahan through Paypal. The hosting is not ‘free for life’ but ‘free as long as Sabahan in business’. The hosting package do include 500MB space, 10GB monthly data transfer, 5 MySQL database / FTP / Sub domains and 20 emails.

Eh! I have already done more than 200 words for this posting. Sabahan! Can I participate in the contest? or maybe I can fit into your requirement: Job Announcement: Blog Content Writers Required. :P~~~

AdesClrPicker will make your job easier.

Review May 13th, 2007

Don’t you find it’s a little bit bored and messy when you have to run Adobe Photoshop everytime you want to capture certain colours. My PC normally takes about 1 minute to load in all the Adobe Photoshop modules. It can takes years if using older PC.

This guy name Ades has come out with a good Color Picker software, AdesClrPicker to capture colors without having to run Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic software. The software allows you to capture colors anywhere on the screen with a single click of the mouse and output the colors in either HTML, RGB, C++, VB and Delphi color codes. The full features of AdesClrPicker as been described by Ades :

  • Improved Interface- new feature
  • Hue, Saturation, Brightness sliders for modifying the colors in Color Library – new feature
  • Now it picks colors in HTML, RGB, Delphi, C++, VB codes – new feature
  • Support for ACT and ACO formats for exporting colors to Adobe Photoshop – new feature
  • Automatically add colors from Floating Menu to Color Library – new feature
  • Color Library to store your frequently used colors
  • Right Click of the mouse will exit the program
  • Intuitive Tooltips that will show up to help new users in the beginning, this feature can be turned on and off
  • Easy to use & user friendly
  • Small in size and loads fast
  • Just click or use hotkey to capture colors
  • Outputs in either HTML or RGB color codes
  • Has option to include or not to include “#” in the HTML codes
  • Hotkeys can be set for program activation/deactivation, capturing color and displaying floating menu
  • Can store last 10 captured colors in the memory – this saves time from capturing the same color again
  • Floating menu displays the last 10 captured colors and stays on top of all other windows
  • Floating menu is draggable for easy positioning
  • It also shows the current color and last captured color codes near to your mouse – this makes it easy to check and compare the colors on the fly.
  • Zoom window makes it easy to select the most detailed colors.

If you want to try it, you should be able to download it from here. I have tried the trial version and it work wonders. For information, trial version will only produce RGB color code. Full version can be purchased at price of USD19.90.