This is top class..

The Kopites May 5th, 2007

Definitely top class..I wish I was there with them..

It’s Liverpool vs AC Milan in Athens

The Kopites May 2nd, 2007

Liverpool versus AC Milan

It’s has been confirmed that Liverpool will face AC Milan in UEFA Champion League final in Athens. The meeting in Istanbul 2005 where AC Milan had tumbled to the feet of Liverpool has repeated and this time around the Italian side will definitely looking for a revenge. It would be a mouth watering match to watch in Athens as the talents of AC Milan squad versus the tactical acuments of Rafa Benitez.

The semi final match between Ac Milan and Manchester United has shown how Kaka and Seedorf dictated the game to their liking. Manchester United has been outplayed in all areas and particularly by these two players of AC Milan. Goals are coming from Kaka at 11th minutes, Seedorf at 30th minutes and substitutions player Gilardino at 78th minutes . But credit to Sir Alex Ferguson when he commented thatAC Milan the best team win and Manchester United has been poor at San Siro. It is definitely a different tune comparing to the self proclaimed special one when Liverpool won the night before.

So, Rafa must come out with a game plan to nulify this two players. The feeling for this year final is a little bit different from Istanbul 2005 as the chances of winning for both teams is 50-50 eventhough on paper AC Milan has shown more experience and greater skills. Who has dared to say Liverpool has no chance in winning as been proven wrong in Istanbul 2005. My little bird says Liverpool once again will rule Europe this year.” You Never Walk Alone”

In continuation of Istanbul 2005..

The Kopites May 2nd, 2007

Rafael BenitezLast time when Liverpool beat Chelsea, we have gone all the way winning 2005 UEFA Champions League final. Hopefully this year will be a repeat of 2005 minus the thrilling 3-0 downed to AC Milan in the first half. It really made my heart stopped at watching a match like that. Last night game with Chelsea, Liverpool has to come from behind as Chelsea had won 1-0 in the first leg at Stamford Bridge.

Liverpool side has shown some great characters and they are the better side as the side which has the hunger to win more than the Chelseas.The back fours has limited Drogba presents with Agger who is also scoring the equalizing goal  is outstanding in controlling the big Ivory Coast attacker.Chelsea’s coach, Jose Maurinho has shown that he is not at par with Rafael Benitez when coming to tactical acuments. Jose Moanrinho are playing long balls the style which he has criticized before. This has shown how good he is in playing with words and also good in spending Ambromovich’s money. The match is the answer to the  the disputed goal line decisions scored by Luis Garcia which being used by Jose Moanrinho to say they have not lost yet in all European encounters with Liverpool. Thus giving Liverpool the outright winner of all. Out of six meetings, Liverpool has won 2, lost 1 and draw 3 with Chelsea in the European competitions.

My little bird told me that this Moanrinho is not going to stay much longer giving that they have only FA cup to bring back to Stamford Bridge. Expectations for this season is very high and they are expected to win UEFA Champion League after severals attempts.Don’t tell me they still have a chance for Premier League as Manchester United will not let the title slip away from their hand at the last minutes.  I don’t think Mickey Mouse Cup and yet to be played FA Cup is enough for GBP 500 billions  spent by Ambromovich . Please dream on Chealsea. .Haha!

Liverpool are going to Athens!!!

The Kopites May 1st, 2007

Kuyt, Stevie G and others are celebrating the winning penaltyI am sorry but to posts this news that my favourite team will be going to Athens on this coming 23rd May for UEFA Champions League Final..Wohooooo!!!..

What a match! ?Hopefully we will have a rematch of Istanbul 2005 and Liverpool will still come out as a winner.After watching the live match between Chealsea and Liverpool, I must say that Liverpool is the deserved winner. credit to the coach Rafa Benitez who is a genius and master of tactician. Of course, Rafa Benitez is the special one. Not the other Portuguese who claimed he is.. The match showed how Rafa is very accurate in reading Chelsea’s tactic and putting the right personnel to control Chelsea’s in all position. With the back fours who able to handle the threat from Drogba and midfields are outstanding in devoiding Chealsea’s attack. Liverpool is outstanding tonight!

I would love to be in Athens if I can afford to do that. This is one of my ambition to watch my favourite REDS team play at Anfield. “Liverpool – You Will Never Walk Alone”