I have not packed anything yet..

Travel Tips May 17th, 2007

Another 12 hours to go and I am still sitting in front of this PC and have not packed anything yet. I should have packed everything last night but I chose to cover my less sleep a night before. Terrible me.

It’s going to be a long day for me today as many things need to be packed. Personal things and material samples for 9 days. It should not be a problem for me because traveling has already becoming a routine for me. I still remembered the very first time when I have the opportunity to travel overseas. I was panic when seeing a long lists of things to be brought over. I was ready with the packing two days before departure and the luggage was so heavy. I learnt a good lessons from there because whenever I travel now, I will make sure to try to leave as many as possible and travel lite. By doing this, many souvenirs can be bought. Haha..

Hotel booking through Asiatravel.com

Review, Travel Tips May 15th, 2007

I think it is premature to write a review on asiatravel.com but who cares..If the service is not as what is expected I will delete this posting and change it to negative one. So, I will call this posting as booking review.

I have booked a room at Nile Hilton Cairo from Asiatravel.com for 6 nights. If I book directly from the hotel, the rate is USD162.00 per night with breakfast but through Asiatravel.com, the rate given is marvelously low at USD82.00 per night inclusive breakfast. At first, I’m a bit sceptical but after searching some information on their credibility, I decided to give a try. Their service is quite fast as they confirmed my booking within an hour and booking voucher to be presented at check-in counter is issued within 6 hours by asiatravel.com.  Good service!

For your information, I paid the booking using debit card Visa Electron. I need to tell this as some online merchants do not accept debit card. Airport transfer is charged at USD27.00 per way.I requested a Nile view room and was informed that I need to pay additional USD15.00 per night. I would not take it as USD15.00 can buy me a lot of things in Cairo. Without Nile view is not going to hurt me..

As I said in the earlier posting, Nile Hilton is chosen because of it’s location. I have stayed at Conrad Cairo before. I would love to stay there again but I have to look for another hotel this time around because of it’s location is a bit far from the downtown and the rate is not budget friendly.

Asiatravel.com has impressed me so far for the first part. Second part of the review will be given when I am back from the trip.

Excess Baggage?

Travel Tips May 14th, 2007

Excess BaggageI don’t really have headache when it comes to baggage allowance everytime I used Emirates. Officially they say the maximum weight allowed for check-in luggage for economy class is only 20kgs but they do allow until 25kgs. Other airlines especially Malaysian Airline is known very strict in controlling the weight limit of your baggage. A few tips for economy class ticket that I have done before in order to avoid excess weight charges:

  1. Try to get check-in counter who is handled by male staff. Man are known as not too rigid on those tiny requirement.
  2. Register with airline frequent flyer programme. This can be a big help to you where certain airport do check on this. I was given up to 30kgs at Kuwait Airport only by showing the basic member’s card during baggage check-in.
  3. Greet the check-in staff with a nice and sincere smiles as your long face will help when you are facing with troubles.
  4. In case you do have some excess weight. Try to balance them by putting some into  another small bag and bring them with you into the cabin. If the weight of the small bag is more than 7kgs, try to act like you are carrying an empty bag. In case if you are stopped by the cabin crews if they noticed the heavy bag, don’t worry as they will ask you to check in the bag. During this time they will not charge anymore.
  5. If you have extra bags to carry and the weight is more than 20kgs, try to call the airline office a few days before departure to request for extra weight allowance. Use your acting talents by giving some good reasons. This trick will sometime work.
  6. Last but not least, upgrade your ticket to business class.

Care to share your tips? Why not?


Travel Tips May 9th, 2007

Eventhough I have gone to Cairo last March, I still have to find some more informations before going there. Informations like weather conditions, tourists seasons, hotels and industrial areas. This time around is more like visiting prospective customers so I need to be get more familiar with the office locations of the targeting customers.

As been informed, weather at this point of time is summer with temperature around 34 to 40 degree Celsius. It is hot comparing to my home country. I have to drinks a lot water while there. During summer, Egypt especially Cairo will be invaded by the Arabs from the gulf countries as the hot weather in Cairo is not as hot as in the gulf. Prices of hotels will go up but not to worry as I have found a travel website which a very offer good rate for booking made through the website. I am planning to book a room at Nile Hilton. The website is offering a standard room at USD80 per night which is cheap as Nile Hilton is located at the most strategic place within Downtown Cairo.

So many things that I have to prepare before departing on this coming 18th May. Hopefully I will not missed anything.

Looking for sex service? No, thank you.

Travel Tips May 6th, 2007

It’s a dangerous topic for me to discuss but you cannot run away from this when you’re traveling. Even if you are not in the search of this service, you may bump into one or two girls offering their service. Don’t be surprise if this services are being offered at places like Dubai, Doha or Manama as we may think that islamic countries don’t have these kind of things. It’s the oldest professions in the world. As long as there is men and women, it will happen. In middle easts, mosts of them are operating from hotels and nightclubs. Like in Dubai, I have seen a few places like hotels in Deira and Rolla do act as a pick up points. The charges by those street girls are vary between nationalities with the highest charge by the Russians.

I have not tried and don’t have intention to do so. It’s against my belief and my responsibility as a husband, a father and a leader of my family. And to make it worse, you don’t even know who is the girl you are sleeping with. What if she has had something to be passed to you? One lustful shot will make you regret forever and not only you will be affected, even your wife and your future childs. It’s a risk that I will not compromise.