Sleeping in Airport?

Travel Tips May 4th, 2007

Sleeping in Airport?Have you had experience sleeping in airport? I do and it is part and parcel for budget traveler. If you are on a long transit hours and on a budget, definitely you will not want to waste USD100 for 12 hours sleep at the airport hotel. I am not alone in doing this. Don’t believe me? Click on the picture or here.

At one time I have had 12 hours transit at Dubai airport on the way to Kuwait. I could not get an early flight as I arrived to Dubai at 4.30am in the morning and the earliest flight is at 4.30pm. So, instead of wasting USD100 on airport hotel, I went over to the quiet lounge near the gate 23. At that time it’s nearly full as only 3-4 seats available.I managed to get like 4 hours of sleep there eventhough the seat is not as flat as one would wish for but to tell you the truth the seat is better than economy class seat. A few times, I was disturbed by flight announcement. It’s really a good experience to have because starting from the next trip, I make sure that all the transit hours is not more than 5 hours.

How to handle jetlag effect.

Travel Tips May 3rd, 2007

This is what Wikipedia has to say about jetlag :

Physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to the circadian rhythm. Such alterations result from shift work, daylight saving time, altered day length, or as the name implies, transmeridian travel as on a jet plane. They are known as desynchronosis, dysrhythmia, dyschrony, jet lag, or jet syndrome. The condition is generally believed to be the result of disruption of the “light/dark” cycle that entrains the body’s circadian rhythm. It can be exacerbated by environmental factors.

For those who travel from one time zone to the others will definitely knows and has had experience of jetlag. Based from my experience, there are a couple of ways to minimize the effect of jetlag. Normally what I do :

  • Adjust my clock to be the same as the destination time.
  • Try to follow the day cycle of the destination.
  • Sleep throughout the journey if you are arriving early in the morning.
  • Take a short sleep when arriving.
  • avoid caffeine and alcohol (For me only caffeine as I don’t take alcohol

These are the steps I normally practise when traveling involving two time zones. So far, I have not faced any problem with jetlag. Taking medicine is not advisable as it will jeopardize other things which we may not know.

Internet flight checked-in!

Travel Tips April 29th, 2007

How easy these days when most of airlines has used technology to make our life easy. Internet check-in has been introduce by airlines to simplify process of check-in and to reduce last minutes check-in by their customers. I have tried internet check-in with two airlines, Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Emirates Airways (EK).

SQ has allowed passengers to check in 48hours before you fly while EK allows 24hours before. The cut off period is 2 hours before your departure. What you need to do when doing internet check-in:

  • You need a passport and your ticket to key into the online form.
  • A computer which is connected to the internet.
  • Log on to EK website or SIA website and click for internet check-in icon.
  • Fill up your particular and select your seat. Done! If you are able to print the confirmation, do print it.
  • Get ready to go to the airport.
  • At the airport, you just need to provide your printed internet check-in confirmation or your ticket or your passport to get your boarding pass. You may check-in your luggage if you have any.

It is the same as conventional check-in but to those who has no luggage to check-in, it is convenient as you don’t need to rush to the airport because you are allowed to be there up to 60 minutes prior to departure time. Another good thing is you may have the luxury to choose your seat (for those who flying economy class like me..:( = sad ) if you log on early. For SIA 777-200, 3 rows at the back is the most comfortable to sits with more rooms for your legs. For EK, try to get bulk seats and also 3 rows seats at the back. That’s my tips for today.

Which airline do you prefer?

Travel Tips April 25th, 2007

When coming to airline, ones cannot help but to ask which airline is the best. Which airline able to offer the best service yet at the cheapest money can buy. It is a difficult question to be answered. Even if we throw the question to any of the seasoned travelers. The most suitable question will be which airline do you prefer the most. Different people with different tastes and different requirement. One passenger maybe would crave for 5 stars treatment and will pay any price to have it while the other passenger maybe will want just the basics stuff. So, try it yourself and choose the your preferred airline.

Emirates AirlineEmirates airline is currently very aggressive in marketing their service and if you were to choose the most covered network within middle east region, Emirates airline is the one. With the best on board entertainment which able to keep you fully occupied during the flight duration and at affordable fare, it is difficult to say NO to this airline. The level of service by cabin crews needs to beef up a little bit but still passing the mark. Emirates has made some commendable effort in providing of the flight experience as simple as possible like internet check-in, online reservations and online informations.

Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways is playing catching up with Emirates Airline but price will be a factor as Qatar Airways is focusing more towards premium passenger. With some of the process are still manually done, like reconfirm ticket and worldwide online ticket reservation system, Qatar Airways will find it hard to beat it’s neighbour from Dubai.

Other arabs airlines like Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Gulf Airways and etc are needed to do a lots of works before they are able to compete with the big two. The battle of the middle easts airlines is now ON!

Public transportations in Dubai.

Travel Tips April 24th, 2007

Public transportations is very important whenever we travel to a different country. Not many travelers are able to rent a car as this require a few things like to have an international license, to understand the ways of driving there and to be able to read a map to find a location. This is also not help by most of arabs countries where they use P.O Box as their primary address. So the best way to travel within the places is by using public transportations. In Dubai, there are two options available which are buses and taxis .In between the two modes of transportations, buses are offering cheaper fares comparing to taxis and dominated mainly by expatriates.

Taxi in DubaiTaxis in Dubai are very efficients and comfortable. Taxis are mostly comprises of Toyota Camri. In UAE, they have a law which says taxis which registered in Dubai are allowed to take passengers within the emirates of Dubai only. To other emirates like Sharjah, Ajman and etc, Dubai taxis are allowed to sent only but coming back to Dubai empty as they are not allowed to pick up passengers from other emirates. This rules also applies to taxis in other emirates where they are allowed to sent passengers only to Dubai but not to take passengers from Dubai. Fare rates for taxis is not to worry because all taxis are compulsory to use meters. Rate start at AED2.00 and will increase according to distance and time. In Dubai there are two popular taxi stands which located at Bur Dubai and Deira.

Bus to Abu DhabiBuses in Dubai are abundant and available at a very cheap fare. The fares ranges from AED1.00 to AED4.00 to travel within the emirates of Dubai. Bus services has been handled by the Dubai municipality since 1995 and has shown a lot of improvement even though the system is still unorganized. Understandably this problem is contributed by the constantly reconstructions of the road systems and traffic congestions of the road in Dubai because of the sudden rise in populations and the rapid increase of cars on the street as a result of rapid development in Dubai. Hopefully by the 2009, when the construction of the first phase of Dubai Metro (light transit system) complete, it will help to ease the congestions. The first phase of the multi billions dollars projects is to cover from Rashidiya to American University and follows by the second phase continue from American University to Jebel Ali. The second phase together with another line which starting from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Medical City are scheduled to be completed in 2012. The buses fare to travel from Dubai to other emirates ranges from AED5.00 to AED30.00.