The emergence of low cost airline in Malaysia has changed traveling pattern tremendously. A few years back, traveling by air within Malaysia and to the neigbouring countries in South East Asia is only dominated by the riches who can pay expensive airline tickets! Today, different story has been created when many of not so rich has the opportunities to travel with the help of cheaper airline tickets offered by low cost airlines. The most successful and obvious airline which we can’t ignore at all is AirAsia. This pioneer low costs carrier is definitely the most popular among budget travelers not only in Malaysia but also in South East Asia.

airasia.jpgAirasia is a Malaysian based company was founded in 2001. Airasia is the pioneer in bringing low costs carrier (LCC) concept to South East Asia. When everybody are mumblings on expensive airline tickets from full services airlines, Airasia is the first to offer FREE airline tickets when they first started in 2001. Among popular concept used by Airasia in order to keep the price of airline tickets low and affordable including ticketless traveling, free seatings, no on-board meals and advance bookings. Currently, AirAsia Malaysia is flying to most of the cities within South East Asia with the exception of Singapore due to a route agreement between Malaysia-Singapore. AirAsia has two subsidiaries in Indonesia and Thailand. With the collaborations in between these three countries, AirAsia has commanded the biggest routes share for any airlines within South East Asia.
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AirAsiaXAirAsiaX is what this airline being first called when the idea surfaced in May 2007. Later on, the name of this new airline been introduced as Flying Asian Express (FAX). Currently, FAX is servicing East Malaysia which later on, the routes will be handed over to newly formed airline managed by Malaysia Airlines. Flying Asian Express will introduce long haul low cost carrier concept to Asia. The routes is said to focus on three prime location including London, Sharjah, UAE and Amritsar, India. Since the concept is similar to AirAsia, the pricing of airline tickets will be using the same systems which airline tickets can be offered as cheap as RM10.00 for one way ticket from Kuala Lumpur to London. We can’t just get excited as yet because the service will only commence in third quarter of 2008 (hopefully)..
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FireflyzFireflyz is a 100% owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. Founded as a separate management company from Malaysia Airlines in 2007. Fireflyz currently utilizing Penang International Airport a their base. The aim of Fireflyz is to service Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand Growth Triangle and mostly to compliment routes not already flown by Malaysia Airlines. The destinations of Fireflyz do include Phuket, Koh Samui, Medan (future destination), Langkawi, Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu.
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    Delhi Dep. 07Jan.08 To Sydney
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    Any Airline-flexable dates

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    i need more info on low cost to london from melbourne australia in early 2009 as printed in the advertiser newspaper in adelaide on the 27th of march 2008.

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