Computer Class?

General News May 16th, 2007

Today, one of my collegue is facing with a simple computer problem. So, here I am showing off my skills at solving the problem. It’s an easy task for me but not for 40 years old marketing guy. He is surrounded by the most advanced technology from phone, laptop to car, yet not many things he is able to make full use of them. We were laughing at him after he admitted his ignorance. Even owning the most sophisticated mobile phone (Sony Ericsson P Series), voice call and text message are the only functions that he used. What a waste!

Without a doubt technology do improve our life. But it’s a reality that today many older generation does not want to accept new technology at all. I think they have not seen the beauty of the technology yet. If they have seen the beauty, I surely make a lot of money. Computer course for the ignorance. The only topic available is how to use computer to buy Viagra..Haha

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