Conrad HotelI have stayed at Conrad Hotel, Cairo for 10 days and the hotel really impressed me. After having through some unpleasant experience with hotels within GCC, I never expected any extra in hotel services anymore. Most of the hotel do promote free hotel pickup but most of the time, I have to take a cab to go to the hotel. Hotel in Dubai is the worst ( don’t talk about Burj Al Arab as I still can’t afford to stay there). Call, fax and email been sent to inform the hotels, yet I still have to take a cab. What a terrible service! And when arriving in Cairo, the same thing expected as I just sent only one email to inform that I need a hotel pickup. To my surprise, I was greeted by a representative from the Conrad Hotel immediately before immigration gate. A Mercedes E Class waited for me outside the terminal to sent me to the hotel where I wasn’t expected at all. Egypt is really different from other Arabs country.

Check-in process is smooth and I was charged USD109 ( a group rate) per night for a double bed standard room. I am again being impressed by the hotel, the room given is so spacious with two single beds and the size of one single bed is as big as queen size bed. And the bed is so comfort and spacious eventhough my height is 180cm. The bathroom is dry and big enough for me to sleep inside if I want to. Daily room service is provided with complimentary bottled mineral waters.

If you’re short of Egyptian Pounds, money changer can be found at basement level with attractive exchange rate. And you can even consider gambling as they do have a decent casino within the hotel.

I don’t really have much comments on the downside of the hotels as they have exceeded my expectations. Maybe what I can comment on is the unorganized way of doing things by the hotel staffs. They tend to change policy every other day. My room rate do include breakfast. For the first two days, nobody ask me to sign the bills and after that I have to sign for five days and back to don’t have to sign. It’s very confusing. So, please check your hotel bill carefully when checking out.

Apart from that glitch, the hotel is a nice place to stay.

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