Many of my friends are eager to look for jobs in Dubai as they said Dubai is now booming and offering a lot of opportunities. They wanted to get better salary and better benefits and according to them Dubai is able to offer that. Some of things said, I find is true and some is way out of the reality. They have asked me on many things as they know I have been traveling to Dubai quite often. So my answer to them is simple, as long as you are given housing and childrens school allowance, you can go. If not, just forget Dubai.

The two things really hit expatriates badly in Dubai. If you are still single or childless couples, only housing allowance should be considered. Housing rentals in Dubai is very expensive with the rental rate for some small apartments with one room can be from AED5000 and above. The rentals must be paid anually or every six months. The costs is a bomb to newly migrated workers. How you are going to afford let say AED5000 a month rental which you have to pay for 6 months at AED30000 at least. Unless you have a big saving before moving to Dubai. The costs of house rentals has spiralling of late as a lot of foreigners would like to live in Dubai. Even with the rent caps imposed by the Dubai local municipality, the rate is still spiralling up.

The other cost is children education because the only options that every foreigners has is only private schools. States schools is not the option because they prefer to have only locals or arab expatriates. The chances of getting a place there is a scarce. So, why think of it? Many privates school available in Dubai but the costs of having one child admit into the schools is quite expensive. So, if you have your childs with you, insist on children education benefits when negotiating your work contract with your future employer or you might have to leave your children at your home country.

Other costs may not give the impact to your income as worst as those two factors. The costs are considerably affordable.So, consider your options wisely and make sure you will enjoy every moment of it.  


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