Discipline is playing the big role in any successful story. And I have been lacked of it. I have set myself a target of at leasts 10 postings a day but the most that I have posted in a day is only 3 posts. So, how am I going to get 1000 postings within 3 months if this is the way I handle myself. I have to pressed myself and stick to the original plan eventhough I am tight right now. But that is not an excuse if I want to make bismut.net well known. Daytime job is only from 8am to 6pm and even during working hours I am able to do a few postings. Stop giving excuses and start delivering the commitments.

Discipline myself or just forget the whole thing. Without discipline, I will not be going anywhere. I don’t want to achieve a half cook success. It’s either success or nothing at all.

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