Those days, when I did not have a chance going out from my country seeing other peoples and other cultures, I tend to believe whatever said by the media. For examples stories like arabs are babarians, arabs are terorists, arabs are conservatives, anti Americans and etc has been played into my ear from day to day. After the September 11, it is even worse. The americans are generalizing by accusing all muslims are terrorists. If they see a muslim, they have a thought of a walking time bomb which is very sad to see. Arabs especially Saudis has been pictured as a terrorists country.

The truth has has been unveiled after I have had the chance to be in the arabs countries. My whole perspective towards arab peoples has changed…Who says arabs anti american..If you go to country like Qatar or UAE or even Saudi Arabia, these arabs love to drive chevrolets, GMs or Hummers. Those are americans products. They do have Mcdonalds everywhere. Go and check who is the Citibank shareholders or Walt Disneys. You would be surprise to find Saudis royal family as one of the shareholder. Who?? Find yourself. Americans are most welcome to come to arabs countries. Even others muslims cannot enjoy the same benefits as what arabs countries are giving to the Americans. Free and longer stay visa, highly paid job offers, established American University and many more. In a simple words, Arabs love Americans and Americans do love Arabs.

Do not be a fool and commit a grave mistake into believing what the medias like CNN or BBC has told us. Those are only propagandas by the politicians who wants to sell guns, missiles and etc to those warring countries. These politicians cannot accepts the concepts of the world are living in peace because no war no money. Their stocks of weapons like missiles, guns, fighter jets will pile up in their warehouse. So, they need to sell and to have buyers, someone must attack someone. How sad!

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