durian.jpgdurian, widely available in Southeast Asia has been regarded the king of fruits by Asian. Many of durian’s physical character has attributed into having the king status. The yummy taste, the thorny and come from high and very strong trees. Many of the westerners unable to accept the odor of durian which is quite strong for those who has not familiar. Some who has been addicted to the taste of durian will do anything to have the best durian available like what is happening to some of the Singaporeans who are willing to fly to Penang just to have Balik Pulau’s durian.

Flying in just for durians

DURIANS anybody? Penang is known for this thorny fruit which is dubbed locally as King of Fruits.

But how much lure does the durian exactly have? Strong enough to entice some Singapo-reans to fly here from the island republic just for a durian feast, it seems.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, Ru-ral Development and Flood Mitigation Com-mittee chairman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said he was informed that a group of Singaporeans took a flight to Penang to enjoy durians in Balik Pulau.

“They flew home after having the fruit. This shows that durians grown in Penang are of world class. Penang is a fruit and food paradise,” he said after opening the northern region-level Food and Fruits Fiesta at Penang Pesta site in Sungai Nibong recently.

The three-day event featured 138 booths selling a variety of fruits and foodstuff.

Those who attended the opening ceremony were treated to a cultural performance.

A durian contest held in conjunction with the fiesta attracted 20 entries.

Orchard owner Tan Chong Bin from Paya Terubong, who was the winner in the “Best of the Best” category, took home RM1,000, a certificate and a trophy.

Yeoh Hui Chooi of Relau won the “Number One” durian category. He also got RM1,000, a certificate and a trophy.

durian2.jpg isidurian.jpg
Those who has not tried durian before, please try when you have the chance or you will regret later on. At this point of writing, price for good taste D24 Durian is hovering in between RM12-15 per kilo. I think by middle of next month, the price of durian will go down due to more supply of durian available in the market.

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