Excess Baggage?

Travel Tips May 14th, 2007

Excess BaggageI don’t really have headache when it comes to baggage allowance everytime I used Emirates. Officially they say the maximum weight allowed for check-in luggage for economy class is only 20kgs but they do allow until 25kgs. Other airlines especially Malaysian Airline is known very strict in controlling the weight limit of your baggage. A few tips for economy class ticket that I have done before in order to avoid excess weight charges:

  1. Try to get check-in counter who is handled by male staff. Man are known as not too rigid on those tiny requirement.
  2. Register with airline frequent flyer programme. This can be a big help to you where certain airport do check on this. I was given up to 30kgs at Kuwait Airport only by showing the basic member’s card during baggage check-in.
  3. Greet the check-in staff with a nice and sincere smiles as your long face will help when you are facing with troubles.
  4. In case you do have some excess weight. Try to balance them by putting some into  another small bag and bring them with you into the cabin. If the weight of the small bag is more than 7kgs, try to act like you are carrying an empty bag. In case if you are stopped by the cabin crews if they noticed the heavy bag, don’t worry as they will ask you to check in the bag. During this time they will not charge anymore.
  5. If you have extra bags to carry and the weight is more than 20kgs, try to call the airline office a few days before departure to request for extra weight allowance. Use your acting talents by giving some good reasons. This trick will sometime work.
  6. Last but not least, upgrade your ticket to business class.

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