DrogbaChelsea has won 2007 FA Cup in an easily forgotten match with Manchester United. A late goal from Didier Drogba has secured them the win without having to go for penalty shoot out. FA cup which Liverpool FC has won last season has saved Chelsea, a GBP500 millions squad from only having only a mickey mouse cup to be proud with. At least the special one is still able to brag about his special squad. 

To be honest, I would like to see Chealsea win tonight after what Sir Alex commented on Liverpool FC chances to win UEFA Champion League. He said that Liverpool FC has no chance to beat AC Milan because of what AC Milan has shown during the semi-final match when they defeated Manchester United. This comment is not supposed to come out from a professional manager like him but it is understandable considering the long history between Liverpool FC and Manchester United. I would love to see Liverpool FC beat AC Milan next week and make Sir Alex to eat his word. Also maybe make Sir Alex pour his own champagne instead of Carlo Ancelotti. We shall see on 23rd May in Athens.

The good news is I am able to watch the live match from my hotel room. Also there’s one UEFA Champion League pub at the lobby of the Nile Hilton. Maybe if I am bored watching in my room, I can join other Egytian Reds at the pub or maybe Milan? Heh! As long as I can watch the final, I don’t bother. YNWA!  

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