I have never experienced long flight delays before and hope that I will not be¬† in that situation in the future. There was one short delay that I have experienced when I was on the flight to Kuwait from Dubai. During that time, it was a peak period for Dubai International Airport. Planes were queing and taking turns to take off. The plane was like one hour stalling waiting for it’s turn to take off. To further add the woes of waiting, IFE was not available until the plane take off. I couldn’t do anything, even to the washroom because I have had to follow the take off procedure. What a miserable experience. So, when I learned of Malaysia Airlines flight delay to Auckland recently, I do understand the situation. When delays happened, the first thing that airlines must do is to keep all the passengers involved informed. If possible do give them some meal coupons because many of the passengers most probably¬† did not take their lunch or dinner in order to have them in flight. Without up to date informations and hungry stomach, of course passengers will get angry easily. This is not good for the image of the airlines.

Fingers crossed! Hopefully there will be no flight delay for me in my future trip.

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