Safety Card Airbus A330

Erghhh!!..FOR YOUR SAFETY PLEASE READ THIS CARD. I did read the safety card during my flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. What to do..? I have no choice when there’s no personal IFE for ECONOMY class passenger like me. I have been pampered by Emirates Airlines so much with their great IFE until I could not stand this 7 hours flight without IFE. Maybe next time, I should go for business class instead. So, while I have nothing to do, I just grabbed everything in front of me including this safety card which I have often ignored as my reading materials. Ohh I see…Now I know where’s the nearest exit door in case this Airbus A330 plunge into the sea.

P/S: I made a mistake!! It’s not an Airbus A320 when I mentioned in Breakfast With Malaysia Airlines. It’s an Airbus A330..

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