genting.jpgGenting Highland is such a great place for a weekend excursion to run away from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highland which located at the border of Selangor and Pahang has a lot to offer for visitors whether to enjoy the indoor and outdoor entertainment offered or just to please your eyes with scenic view of surrounding rain forests. The refreshed feelings after spending your time in Genting Highland will surely give you a tonic to start your coming Monday.

To go to Genting Highland, you either can drive all the way to the top, or park your car at Genting Sepah and enjoy Genting Skyway ride to the top. Let us see the highlight of a few activities which we can enjoy during our excursion at Genting Highland. As a start when arriving to Genting Highland, do not forget to pickup the guide pamphlet to get some detail informations of what we can do there like rates, entertainment map of Genting Highland, tips to enjoy the stay and some contact numbers. The pamphlet is available for free at most of the corners inside the main building.

Genting Theme Park Ticket Rates


The above rates table is correct as in June 2007. To be able to pay that kind of rates , we have to know what signature attractions available for visitors at Genting Theme Park.

flying.jpgFlying Coaster, Asia’s first hang-gliding roller coaster. Swoop, twist and zoom round turns and drops! You will fly with a totally unobstructed view of Genting Highland.


freefly.jpg Genting Sky Venture. Sky dive without a parachue in the one and only sky diving simulator in Asia. Genting Sky Venture is a state-of-the-art sky diving wind tunnel with maximum speed of 120mph winds to keep you airborne.

snow.jpgSnowWorld. Indulge in a snow fight, go sledging or simply enjoy the gentle touch of falling snowdrops on your face.


wall.jpg Genting X-pedition Wall. Find out whether you are afraid of heights or not at the biggest indoor climbing wall in Southeast Asia. Professionals are on hand to get you climbing walls as god as ‘spidey’.

3d.jpg 4D Motion Master Theater. Malaysia’s first ever 4D movie experience. Feel the tickling at your feet, wind blowing to your face & water mist spraying onto you.


For those who want to try luck, many casinos available as Genting Highland is the only place which has licensed casinos. Apart from casinos, there are so much to enjoy while staying on top of Genting Highland. Just make sure you are able to accept your precious notes flying out of your pocket. Genting group is very expert in wooing money out of our pocket. Nevertheless, enjoy your Genting Time!

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