What will be the best way to have fun at the beach for those who hate swimming like me.? I hate swimming partly because of my extra fats around my waist and belly. I don’t want other people to see me wet with those spare tires. I don’t know why I am being so particular on that. Other than swimming, I am seeing cycling as the best activity to do. Compare to walking, with beach cruisers you will be able to cruise much faster while still being able to enjoy beach scenery.

pict0080.JPG Looking at the picture of the bicycle, the design is so simple and looks good. Priced cheaply at $115.00 will not make you too hesitate to leave them outside of bars or cafes while having your refreshments. With slow and sturdy features which is not meant for faster ride make this beach cruiser a perfect companion for leisure activity at the beach. If it going faster, I will miss those beautiful and sexy bikini clad bloke. That is the most important activities to do at the beach. On the other hand, the beach cruiser also can help me to remove those spare tyre from my waistline. But how long this cycling activity will take in order to shake off the fats? I am really worst at disciplining myself. Nevermind, to enjoy looking at hot and beautiful ladies in bikini does not require strict discipline.

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