loving coupleI was watching a movie last night and there was a line mentioned in the movie “Her presence, a present so precious”. The line has gone deep into my heart and the only one that has come up into my mind is my soulmate. The line really suits her. We have gone through some difficult moments in our life and she has always stand by me and giving me the supports needed. Her presence has given me the strengh to be strong and always to go forward in life. She has wilingly accepted all the conditions that we are going to go through in our life.

I am a man with full of emotions deep inside my heart but unable to express or show the feelings openly. I don’t know why but I want her to know that I love her so much.As my birthday is getting nearer (Cancerian), I want her to know that I don’t need any present as she is the most precious present I ever need in my life.  

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